Grill in the Ville Insider Notebook I

Grill in the Ville

by Inside the Gators Staff
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The first of our Insider Notebooks from the Grill in the Ville includes updates on 2024 and 2025 four-star’s Hylton Stubbs, Fletcher Westphal, Jalen Wiggins, Waltez Clark, Darrell Johnson as well as 2026 standout J’Zavien Currence

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One month after camping at Florida for a 7-on-7 tournament, Jacksonville (Fla.) Mandarin 2025 four-star safety Hylton Stubbs, the No. 83 ranked prospect in the nation, returned to campus on Saturday. It is interesting, or telling that he was the lone visitor that multiple coaches and support staff members come out to greet before he made it into the building.

Is that a sign of his significance as a target? Maybe. He said one of his takeaways from the day was how much the coaches told him that he was their top guy.

Stubbs, who has great size for a safety, talked about spending time with defensive coordinator Austin Armstrong and how the staff, particularly CJ Wilford, Corey Raymond, and Mike Peterson spent time with him during the cookout.

He said Florida was in his top one, two, or three, but when I asked him who the other two would be, he named off a 10-deep list including Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, and others.

Stubbs talked about making it to campus so much because of the proximity of the campus to his house on the First Coast.

When asked if that will play a part in his decision, he smiled but said no.

The main takeaway, and one of the first things out of the mouth of Leesburg (Va.) Tuscarora four-star commit Fletcher Wesphal was that he is completely locked in with Florida and that his recruiting process is over and done with.

To illustrate that fact, his parents are going house hunting in the Tampa area during this trip. They plan on moving to the Sunshine State in January.

Westphal, who said he measured in at 6-foot-8, with a size 18 shoe, spent Saturday getting to know his future teammates and coaches. One teammate he spoke about is quarterback DJ Lagway – who he said is someone he wants to block for.

Tallahassee (Fla.) Rickards four-star defensive lineman Jalen Wiggins looked the part while walking into the facility. He looks every bit like his listed 6-foot-5, 240-pounds.

The 2025 in-state target said he received plenty of attention from the staff.

“I spoke with Coach [Billy] Napier, Coach [Mike] Peterson, Coach [Sean] Spencer, Coach [Jabbar] Juluke, Coach Larry [Williams], and Coach [Kali] James and they were all mainly excited for me to be there and were hoping to see me come back.”

He came into the weekend with offers from programs such as Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami, and others.

Wiggins said that while the Gators have his interest, he is nowhere near ready to name leaders this early.

Not long after arriving for Saturday’s Grill in the Ville, 2026 Rock Hill (S.C.) South Pointe athlete J’Zavien Currence and family found themselves taking off on a golf cart along with area recruiter Jay Bateman – the coach he spent the most time with.

“I talked to Coach Bateman a lot during the visit,” said Currence. “He mainly was with me most. I also had a good talk with Coach [Corey] Raymond. Coach [Austin] Armstrong said I was a priority guy for the Gators because they need guys with my size and my skill set to cover big, flex spread tight ends and big receivers and be a dude coming down stopping the run.”

Currence said that the coaches made him feel like he is a priority.

“The highlight was just getting back on campus and feeling the love from the coaching staff,” said Currence. “Meeting the other, older, priority recruits and talking to them. The event was fun and had a family-like atmosphere.”

Being two cycles away from actually signing, he said it is too early to start naming leaders.

“I can’t say I have a top anything yet, but the schools who are recruiting me the most are who I’m entertaining,” said Currence. “In no order, South Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Virginia Tech, and UNC have made it clear they’re after me.”

Another in-state prospect who visited for a 7-on-7 in June is Tampa (Fla.) Plant four-star running back Waltez Clark.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder entered the weekend with offers from the likes of Florida, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame (where his father played), Oregon, and Penn State.

He said that the UF staff had a singular message for him.

“Coach [Jabbar] Juluke said to stay focused. Don’t get off track, and be you.”

Overall it sounds like Clark, who is the No. 153 ranked prospect in the Class of 2025, had a great time.

“The highlight of the day was the scavenger hunt. The whole scavenger hunt was a highlight.”

The visit definitely made an impression.

“I love Florida,” said Clark. “They’re one of the top [options] for sure. I will be back for sure.”

When you start talking about prospects who look the part, the conversation begins and ends with Dastman (Ga.) Dodge County four-star Darrell Johnson.

The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder could project to several positions on the next level, including outside linebacker.

He earned an offer from Florida in June and then returned to campus on Saturday.

According to Johnson, this trip to Gainesville didn’t feel like a recruiting visit.

“I spoke with Coach [Jay] Bateman the most,” said Johnson. “We talked about a lot. Mainly about everyday life. We hung out and built a relationship. The highlight of the day was just creating bonds with new people.”

Besides Florida, Johnson also holds early offers from the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, and Tennessee.

While it may be a bit early to name leaders, the visit did get Johnson’s attention.

“Florida was fun,” said Johnson. “It was down to earth. We bonded like family. After today Florida does [stand out] for sure – along with a couple of others like Bama, FSU, Tennessee, and UCF.”


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