Florida should find itself in four-star’s top five

Grill in the Ville

by Inside the Gators Staff
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The visitor list for Florida’s Grill in the Ville may not have been extensive, but without a doubt one of the biggest ‘wins’ of the day was getting Pensacola (Fla.) Catholic four-star receiver Koby Howard back on campus.

He was scheduled to see Florida for their spring game earlier this year, but inclement weather interfered with that trip.

That wasn’t the case this weekend and Howard might have been the top offensive priority target on campus Saturday.

“The coaches I spent the most time with were Coach [Billy] Gonzales and Coach [David] Doeker. I got some time in with Coach [Larry] Williams, and my area recruiting coach [Jabbar] Juluke. The conversation was about how much of a priority I am for them. They asked me what am I looking for in a program. They mentioned that they are about to turn up the pressure on my recruitment here as soon as it becomes legal.”

The 6-foot, 175-pounder went on to say that his interactions with the coaching staff are what stood out most to him.

“The conversations I had with Coach Gonzales and Coach Doeker gave me something to think about as I go through the recruiting phase. I really like what I’m hearing, and the facilities are lit.”

Like most top prospects, Howard is now turning his attention from listening to what coaches have to say to seeing how programs perform this fall.

“Florida has my attention,” said Howard. “I will pay close attention to what happens this season for sure. Offensive production from the receivers’ group and quarterback play is a big part of my evaluation too.”

Up next Howard will release his first leaderboard.

“I plan on dropping a top 12 very soon and UF is on there closer to the top. If I’m being honest, they are in the top five, but I just got to see more from the offense this year.”

Howard is the No. 298 ranked prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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