Mock Signing Class 1.0

Mock Signing Class

by Inside the Gators Staff

The biggest question on the mind of those who follow recruiting religiously is what will Florida’s final class look like.

How will it all shake out?

The truth is, no one knows for sure.

Not Billy Napier, not his staff, not you and to be clear, neither do I. There are too many variables in play. Multiple prospects, injuries, transfers, wins, losses new hires, new firings, etc…

You name it, and it could cause a prospect to look at a program differently – which in turn could throw everything into turmoil.

However, what we can do is we can draw on…

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  1. I wrote this on Sunday and didn't look over it before posting it this morning. So as an update, Justin Denson pledged to MSU on Tuesday night. As was stated in our look back at the June official visitors and noted in this Mock Class update, when Denson didn't return to campus the Wed following his visit, his ship likely sailed as far as UF was concerned.
  2. We're set everywhere but offensive line and receiver.

    Are there any recruits that we have a chance to get that aren't on here?
    Gonzales is the same story he was when Dan Mullen was here. We get receivers to visit but he can't close on them.
  3. Caleb Odom is being recruited to UF as a WR and also a TE. UF is the only program recruiting him this way as everyone else, Bama, UGA, are recruiting him as a TE. He actually likes lining up at WR so the fact that Gonzales and Callaway are recruiting him is an advantage and might be a factor in his decision. His measurables are almost identical to Pitts who played both positions at UF. I still think Abrams or Robinson may flip, and Smith is working on NIL. JMO.
  4. We're set everywhere but offensive line and receiver.

    Are there any recruits that we have a chance to get that aren't on here?
    Fletcher Westphal tomorrow
  5. Teddy Foster is announcing at 7:00 pm on Instagram. UF is favored heavily. Miami was making a push but wasn't able to get a visit. Not sure why he's a 3-star. Napier and Raymond watched him work out and offered him on the spot and he visited a week later. Two-way player, WR and DB. Film is very good, shows speed and length. Built like the prototypical Corey Raymond DB.

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