10 Most Wanted

by Mark Wheeler

This is Inside the Gators’ ranking of the 10 Most Wanted uncommitted prospects still considering Florida based on need, ranking, and the Gators’ chance of eventually landing them.

These lists can be a crap shoot this far out from National Signing Day. Off of the 10 Most Wanted first edition of the 2023 cycle run last June, Florida ended up signing No. 10 Will Norman, No. 8 Kamran James, No. 4 Sharif Denson, and No. 3 Aidan Mizell.

UF missed out on No. 9 Cedric Baxter, No. 7 Malik Bryant/Grayson Howard, No. 6 Monroe Freeling, No. 5 Derrick LeBlanc, and…

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  1. I've been so happy to be in the top 5 I didn't realize we didn't have any cornerbacks committed.

    We shouldn't worry about it because Raymond we'll get them in here.
    We also had a great cornerback class last year, still want more but we’re doing pretty good there on the roster.

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