Florida adds another four-star as Jackson pulls the trigger

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Florida continued its amazing recruiting run on Wednesday afternoon with the addition of Gainesville (Fla.) four-star defensive lineman Kendall Jackson.

In adding a little hometown flavor to the class, the Gators received a pledge from the No. 6 prospect on our 10 Most Wanted list.

Before going public on Wednesday afternoon, Jackson gave us an inside look at why he choose the Florida Gators in this Quick Q&A.

When did you make your final decision?
“I contacted the coaches today [Wednesday] to let them know and their reaction was ecstatic! They were truly happy and couldn’t wait!”

What did it come down to? What was important to you?
“The relationship aspect was important and the development on and off the field was important as well! The respect that they have for me and my family is another reason why I wanted to commit to them. I love the coaching staff and I have a lot of respect for them.”

You have a new baby sister on the way. Did the fact that you can run home and babysit for an evening play a part?
“Not entirely, but knowing that I’ll be able to check in so she can see my face and know that I’m her big bro is going to be awesome! Please don’t give my parents the idea of me babysitting 😂”

What was the final pecking order? Who came in second and third?
“Kentucky came in 2nd and Miami came in 3rd.”

You have so many ties to Florida, from being the hometown team to your family’s ties to the school, how much did that factor into your choice?
“Not much at all. My family has always pushed me to do what I want to do and what makes me feel good, so I choose UF.”

What is your relationship like with the coaches? What was your initial impression of Billy Napier, Sean Spencer, and Mike Peterson and how has it changed over the last year?
“My relationship with the UF staff is special. It feels like I’ve known them my whole life! We talk about anything from mental health, spiritual health, emotional, training and etc… My first time meeting Coach [Billy] Napier, actually sitting down and talking to Coach Napier, was when I was given my offer, and from that point on he’s been real with me and has never changed up. Shoot, my first time meeting Coach Spence [Sean Spencer] was crazy. He’s a really energetic and hyper coach, and I like that about him. Coach P [Mike Peterson]! That’s my guy. With him already going through what I’m going through right now, I know I can learn a lot from him.”

Your former teammate Gavin Hill has only been on campus for a month, but what has he told you about his experience and his dealing with the staff?
“Me and Gavin talked a little and from what he has told me, I just need to come in ready to work and give it my all.”

Where does Florida see you lining up?
“Coach P [Peterson] and Coach [Austin] Armstrong told me they see me playing both the F and Jack position. They said with the athleticism and skill that I have there’s no doubt that I can play both.”

Currently, there is a big debate in the Gator Nation about the heights and weights of prospects. So, give it to us officially, what are your measurements?
“I’m currently 6-foot-4, 260-pounds, with an 80-inch wingspan.”

What’s next for you?
“Next I’m just going to continue to work hard and show everyone why they shouldn’t doubt me.”

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