Ranking Florida’s chances with the June official visitors on offense

The Inside Scoop

by Mark Wheeler

The June official visit period is in the books and while in the midst of this month-long dead period before they can begin once again.

Keep in mind, there are almost six months before these prospects are actually able to sign. Not every current commitment, whether it be to Florida or another program, is going to remain that way all the way through to National Signing Day.

In the last cycle alone the Gators saw several summer commits (Tommy Kinsler, Isaiah Nixon, Tyree Patterson) end up signing elsewhere. While a couple of eventual UF signees (Dijon Johnson and Jaden Robinson)…

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  1. That's putting us out of our misery in thinking we are getting Smith.


    Maybe I'm dreaming but I think we have a chance. It was your picture showing him with Coach Gonzales last week.
  2. #3 recruiting class in the country with 21 commits. UGA #1 with 26 commits. That's not opinions and guesses. That's published data. There are going to be some flips and there are some elite uncommitted recruits left. Jeremiah Smith is in fact in G-ville, again, with Gonzales and Napier and Lagway. Second time in a few weeks one day at FSU, a travel day, another day at UF. Again. Got to be some flame to put all that smoke in the air. I don't think he's jerking the OSU chain for no reason. He's working on his NIL deal. JMO but based on his visit counts. Apparently Miami is eliminated. With or without Smith, UF is working hard with several elite WR's and DB's, so should finish this cycle strong. UF, OSU, LSU, and Bama have more runway left to move up. Some of the uncommitted 4*'s and all of the 3*'s are playing a risky game from this point on. I'm talking to you Zavier Mincey.

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