Offensive Commits: Ranked too high, too low, or about right

Ranked too high, too low or about right

by Mark Wheeler

Now that all four recruiting services have completed their summer prospect recruiting rankings update, today Inside the Gators takes a closer look at Florida’s 20 committed prospects and shares thoughts as to whether they are ranked too high, too low, or just about right on the current On3 Consensus Ranking.

This is based on current ranking, offers, and tape with a bit of our opinion, there are those who are severely underrated, some over-ranked, and those whose ranking is right on the money.

Up first are the nine pledges on offense.

QUARTERBACK DJ LagwayWillis (Tx.) On3 Consensus: No. 30 The…

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  1. Portnjagen and Weshphal are both better than their ratings to my eye. Two different reasons, the offer sheet for Westphal and the film on Portnjagen. The German is huge, but not fat, moves really well and seems aggressive. Lagway\'s ranking are indefensible. His ratings at the Elite 11 are subjective, and to my eye he was convincing. Tends to over-throw mid to deep patterns like most big-armed QB\'s. But I love his release, the tight spiral, and the natural confidence and leadership. Tebow was a 5* and Lagway is faster and has a better arm.

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