Jason Marshall Jr. SEC Media Days Q&A Transcript

SEC Media Days

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Florida cornerback Jason Marshall Jr. SEC Media Days transcript courtesy ASAP Transcripts.

THE MODERATOR: We are ready with Jason. He’s ready for your questions.

Q. Any difference this year you see with Coach Napier from last year?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Just the way everybody bought into the program this year. Like I said, everybody’s bought in. It’s going to be a big change.

Q. What’s on your playlist for pregame day?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: I listen to a little bit of Gunna, Youngboy, those kind of get me in the zone.

Q. What are you trying to do to help get Florida the recognition maybe you guys feel like you deserve?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Just leading. Being a leader to all the young guys that came in, setting the example. There’s really nothing much to it, just leading and things like that.

Q. What are you looking most forward to this season with your team?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Just to shock the world. There’s a lot of doubt. Coming in with a chip on our shoulder. That’s pretty much it.

Q. What has been your favorite moment about SEC Media Days and being in Music City?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: A lot of cameras everywhere. I’m not really much of a camera guy (smiling). Not really much of a talker. It’s something I have to get comfortable with, things like that, so…

A lot of cameras (smiling).

Q. You bring a new defensive coordinator in this year, Austin Armstrong. Is there anything you guys are doing different under Armstrong? How should we expect the defense to look different?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: There hasn’t been anything different. Just the energy that he brings, the way he carries his-self. You can see how it’s contributing. It’s contagious to everybody to uplift the energy, uplift the play.

Q. How has the heat been treating you guys down there in Gainesville?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: It’s been really hot, really hot. But I’m from Miami, so I’m kind of used to it. It’s a lot of other guys that, Oh, it’s hot, it’s hot. Just got to go on about the day.

Q. Kingsley was just in here talking about the buy-in, feeling different this off-season. Have you noticed a different attitude among yourself and your teammates?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Like he said, everybody’s bought in. Everything is changing. You can see how everyone is feeling. That’s pretty much it.

Q. Kentucky has beaten you guys. Do you have an edge coming in knowing you have them on the calendar again this year?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Yes, and I say we have an edge with everybody, not just them, but everybody.

Q. You’ve got Utah week 1 again, just like last season. How important is it to come out of there with a win again and set the tone?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: It’s very important. Like you said, we won last year. To continue it this year will be very important. To start off our season, it’s very hopeful.

Q. What do you say about the Swamp to people who have never been there before? What are some of your favorite things?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Just how loud it gets. How the fans are very in tune to the game. They help us. Only Gator get out alive, so…

Q. What are some personal goals you have set for yourself this season?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Not too many. Just hitting on the checklist of what I have to improve from last year.

Q. At the University of Florida, you have recently made facility enhancements. As a player, what advantages do they give you? How do you think they can help you in recruiting?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: It’s very nice in there. $80 million. That’s a lot of money to build that building.

As far as the player, everything is in there. All your resources are in one spot, so you don’t have to travel far and things like that. It’s walking distance.

Q. Florida sent a lot of players to the NFL over the decades. Do you hear from former Gators?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: It’s a lot of players that I have personally reached out to. Kaiir, to name a few. He just tells me how it is in the NFL, things to look for, things to do, just to get my mind right of what to do if I get there, so…

Q. Being a Miami guy, was Florida always first pick for you? What do you think about one state that has three major schools playing pretty good football – maybe even four?

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Miami was a top pick. Florida was also a top pick. But the culture at Florida, it was outstanding. It was only right to pick Florida.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Jason.

JASON MARSHALL JR.: Thank y’all.

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