Florida becomes 10th SEC offer for 2025 Top 100 lineman

Class of 2025 Quick Q&A

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Earlier this month Florida joined the likes of Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M to become the 10th SEC offer for Hattiesburg (Ms.) Oak Grove 2025 four-star defensive lineman Andrew Maddox.

The 6-foot-4, 285-pounder shares his thoughts on the offer, what he is looking for when he makes his decision, and more.


Did you have a favorite college team (or player) growing up? If so, who and why?
“I watched Arnold Donald and watched him do drills and I applied the way he played to myself so that’s one person I look up to. Another person is my father. We train almost every day to get me better with my hands and feet.”

You have some impressive early offers, but is there one or two that really caught your attention? A ‘wow’ moment?
“It wasn’t the best offer, but I would say Southern Miss just because it was my first. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, and Texas A&M.”

How did the Florida offer come about? Who did you communicate with and what did they have to say to you?
“I talked to the linebacker coach, Coach Mike Peterson, and Defensive Coordinator [Austin Armstrong] and they liked how I play with leverage and how I used my hands when I get off the ball. That I have great footwork and they offered me right then.”

What are your early impressions of Florida?
“I actually haven’t been to Florida yet, but I can say they have some big players on their team. I watched the game when they played Texas A&M and they had some big players. It looked like they were all at least 6-foot-5.”

Have you visited any college campuses yet? If so, where and what were a couple of your favorite visits?
“I’ve been to Texas A&M and it was a vibe. I loved the city, a small little town, but it’s a nice place to be. There’s nothing too bad going down in Texas. Mississippi State was okay. It’s in the middle of nowhere. I liked Alabama. Ole Miss is a nice place too. I’m looking forward to going up there to Florida to see what it’s about up there.”

Do you have any plans to see any schools over the summer?
“I plan on going to Texas A&M since my brother is committed to them. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, and Ole Miss.”

Will you make a trip to Florida?
“I want to try and make my way up there. That’s the plan, but we just gotta work around the schedule.”

It’s still early, but do you have any leaders or are there a couple of programs that you know will be there until the very end for whatever reason?
“Not yet.”

What’s going to be important to you when you make your choice?
“For me to commit somewhere it’s all about having a big family, because if we can’t bond and work together then we can’t play together and handle our business and do what we need to do. Another thing is having a good relationship with my position coach. Always got to have a connection with him because you’re going to be with him all the time so if you’re not comfortable around him and don’t have a connection with him then it’s not going to work. The area too. There are all types of things that go into making a decision.”

Maddox is the No. 84 rated prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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