The Inside Scoop: In-depth spring review

by Mark Wheeler

Over the spring media is granted roughly 15 minutes per practice of viewing time. That is hardly enough time to form an opinion, so Inside the Gators asked someone who was at each practice, beginning to end, for their thoughts on various subjects including the quarterback race, a comment on each of the 10 transfers, the early entry freshmen, who surprised, who disappointed, their top 10 overall performers and much more.

Here are their thoughts:

In the game neither quarterback had much time because of the offensive line, but neither looked really good either. I think Jack Miller looked better…

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  4. Here we were worried about Wilson transferring and it sounds like he isn't that good in the first place.

    Maybe watching Moten for a year will be good for him if he sticks it out.
  5. It sounds like this will be another long year, but with the game reps the freshmen will be getting and another strong recruiting cycle, 2024 will be a turning point. 2025 is the year, if we're realistic about it, and that's about right for turning over a roster and a culture. I think more and more that Napier has the disposition and attention to detail to pull this off. The staff improved as much as the playing roster did.
  6. Wilson needs to be moved to linebacker and put Scooby Williams at stand up rush end.
    The report said how good Williams is going and you want to move him?

    Leave Williams where he is and if Wilson can't cut it start Moten ahead of him.

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