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2025 Quick Q&A

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In a three-day span last week, in succession Lewisville (Tex.) Class of 2025 four-star four-star offensive lineman Michael Fasusi picked up offers from Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, BYU, Alabama, and Florida, to bring his offer list to roughly 35 total offers.

He shares his thoughts on the offer from the Gators and where he currently stands in the recruiting process.


Did you have a favorite college team (or player) growing up?
“No, but Lane Johnson and Trent Williams have been my favorite players to watch recently, because of their ability defending the pass rush and physicality.”

Out of your early offers is there one or two that really caught your attention? A ‘wow’ moment?
“Alabama, Michigan, and Oklahoma.”

Why those three?
Alabama because it was really the first school I ever looked into. When all the offers started coming in Michigan just stood out to me being one of the best offensive line schools in the country. Oklahoma was great because the head coach, Coach V [Brent Venables], and offensive line coach, Coach B [Bill Bedenbaugh] came to watch me and both offered because of my skills.”

How did the Florida offer come about? Who did you communicate with and what did they have to say to you?
“Coach Rob [Sale] the offensive line coach offered me. I’ve been communicating with Joe Hamilton, and he tells me to keep putting it on for Lewisville, he’s from here too.”

What are your early impressions of Florida?
“It’s a great school for sure, great academics and great football.”

Have you visited any college campuses yet? If so, where and what were a couple of your favorite visits?
“I’ve visited a few colleges, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas, and Baylor. I loved all of them.”

Do you have any plans to see any schools over the summer?
“I’m still setting up my schedule for that.”

Will you make a trip to Florida?
“If the trip’s possible I’d love to be there.”

What do you mean by if it’s possible?
“Just flight issues, and finding a good time. Also, I’d want to go there with my parents but they’re going to be busy most of the summer, so we’ll see how things turn out.”

It’s still early, but do you have any leaders or are there a couple of programs that you know will be there until the very end for whatever reason?
“Oklahoma and Texas. I love the coaches and my communication with them.”

What’s going to be important to you when you make your choice?
“How good are the academics, great football team, and a brotherhood with my teammates.”

Fasusi is rated as the No. 62 ranked prospect in the Class of 2025 according to the On3 Consensus.

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