Florida adds to South Florida corner’s expanding offer list

2024 Quick Q&A

by Inside the Gators Staff
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It has been a productive spring for Miami (Fla.) Gulliver Prep three-star cornerback Amare Sanders. The 6-foot-2, 167-pounder has picked up offers from the likes of Florida, Florida State, Maryland, and Texas A&M.

He had already received offers from programs such as Auburn, Illinois, and Miami prior to the start of spring ball.


Did you have a favorite college team (or player) growing up?
“I didn’t really have a favorite college team or player growing up.”

Out of your early offers is there one or two that really caught your attention? A ‘wow’ moment?
“I would say the University of Miami, as well as the University of Louisville, were definitely ‘wow moments’.”

How did the Florida offer come about? Who did you communicate with and what did they have to say to you?
“The Florida offer came about as a conversation with coach [Corey] Raymond. It was a brief five-minute conversation because I was still in school, so the majority of his conversation was with my head coach. From the time I spoke to him, it was nice getting to know a bit about him and his background. He stated that he likes my size and athleticism and that day was the day I received the Florida offer.”

What are your early impressions of Florida?
“My early impressions of Florida is that it’s a very respected school that’s well known and has a great reputation.”

Have you visited any college campuses yet? If so, where and what were a couple of your favorite visits?
“I’ve only visited, the University of Miami, Duke University, and the University of Louisville so far. Miami and Duke were definitely my two favorites.”

Do you have any plans to see any schools over the summer?
“I do indeed have plans to see schools over the summer. Illinois, Nebraska, and Duke. Those are the schools I’m aware of at the moment.”

Will you make a trip to Florida?
“I definitely plan on making a trip out to Florida for sure!”

It’s still early, but do you have any leaders or are there a couple of programs that you know will be there until the very end for whatever reason?
“All of my options are open right now. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have any leaders or favorite schools at the moment. I’m just enjoying this process and looking for the school that’s the best fit for me.”

What’s going to be important to you when you make your choice?
“What’s going to be important for me when making a decision is basically talking to myself and understanding if I feel like it’s the best fit for me. It’s all about if I see myself at that school for those 3-4 years and if I’m able to answer that and understand that I will be able to be the best version of myself at that school, then that’s all I need to know in order to make my choice.”

Sanders is rated as the No. 647 ranked prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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