Florida first SEC offer for 2025 cornerback

by Inside the Gators Staff
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This spring Florida became the first big in-state and first SEC offer for Sarasota (Fla.) Cardinal Mooney 2025 cornerback Chris McCorkle. In return, the 6-foot-1, 170-pounder will camp with the Gators this summer.


Did you have a favorite college team (or player) growing up?
“My favorite college team growing up was Ohio State, Because my mom was a very big fan of theirs and was in Columbus a lot.”

Out of your early offers is there one or two that really caught your attention? A ‘wow’ moment?
“Two offers that caught my eye are Florida and Michigan State because they’re really big offers that have helped me in my early recruitment process and top schools in their league.”

How did the Florida offer come about? Who did you communicate with and what did they have to say to you?
“The offer came after Coach [Corey] Raymond watched me practice. Later, he talked to me and told me what I need to work on to perfect my craft.”

What are your early impressions of Florida?
“I don’t really have any early impressions of them yet. I want to get up on campus first to get the feel for them before I say any of that.”

Have you visited any college campuses yet? If so, where and what were a couple of your favorite visits?
“If it’s okay to say one, I’m gonna say Michigan State because that’s the only school that offered that I’ve visited.”

Do you have any plans to see any schools over the summer?
“I plan on going to a few camps like Florida, Ohio State, and a few more, but I really don’t want to focus on that right now. I just want to get used to the recruitment process.”

It’s still early, but do you have any leaders or are there a couple of programs that you know will be there until the very end for whatever reason?
“I don’t want to talk about that this early, but I will later for sure.”

What’s going to be important to you when you make your choice?
“I want to go to a school that feels like home and will make me a better player on and off the field.”

McCorkle isn’t currently ranked on the On3 Consensus but is rated as a three-star by On3.

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