Recruiting Quick Hitter: Peach State lineman visits for the second time this spring

Quick Hitter: Scott, Ajidahun, Miree & Kinkle

by Inside the Gators Staff
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With his 6-foot-6 frame beginning to fill out, Duluth (Ga.) four-star offensive lineman Damola Ajidahun has seen interest in his services pick up significantly over the spring.

In the last month alone he has picked up offers from the likes of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Last week he had an opportunity to spend some time in Gainesville watching a Gators’ practice.

“I spoke to Coach Rob Sale, Coach Jon Decoster, and Coach [Billy] Napier,” said Ajidahun. “They said they really love me as a person and love to see that I’m getting bigger.”

While interacting with the staff was important, what he enjoyed the most was seeing them in their element at practice.

“The highlight of my day was seeing how NFL caliber coaches are able to coach college players to get prepared for the next level,” said Ajidahun. “Man, Florida has really great people with a lot of great players and coaches.”

Ajidahun said that he has official visits set up with Duke, Georgia Tech and South Florida.

He hasn’t planned a return visit to UF, but he wants to make one.

“As of right now I do not have anything set up, I will definitely come back,” he said of Florida.

With a decision a way down the road, he talked about what will be important to him when he makes his choice.

“My family will play a huge factor in my recruiting process and I will most likely be leaning towards them in making my decision.”


After visiting Florida for a Jr. Day in February, Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Saint Thomas Aquinas three-star defensive end Richard Scott returned to campus for an opportunity to spend a day with the Gators, which included interaction with the players and viewing a practice.

“I definitely enjoyed sitting in meetings with the team and positional meetings with Coach [Mike] Peterson and the Edge players and learning from them,” said the 6-foot-4, 240-pound Scott. “I enjoyed the scrimmage as well. The guys were playing hard and fast. I watched my position the most, the edge players were definitely getting after it, attacking the passer and executing moves.”

It was during his February Jr. Day visit when Florida joined programs such as Miami, Ole Miss, and Penn State in offering Scott.

The offer, and this follow-up visit, has UF in good shape with Scott.

“It was another great visit to Florida, and they are in my top schools,” said Scott.

According to Scott, he could possibly visit West Virginia before the end of April, and then he will start setting up his official visits.

Despite holding seven Power 5 offers, Scott has yet to be rated by any of the four recruiting services.


Having, for at least this moment, lost out on one tight end from the state of Ohio (Caden Piening), Florida has entered the race for another one.

Last week Cincinnati (Ohio) Princeton 2026 tight end Landen Miree visited Florida for the first time and was immediately offered by the Gators.

The 6-foot-3, 205-pounder shared how the visit and then offer came about.

“In late March, Austin May invited me to a spring practice, my schedule was full but I told my dad that I needed to go, if Austin May was trying to get me on campus. After getting to Gainesville and getting to practice about halfway through a coach that I did not know said Coach [Russ] Callaway wanted to see me after practice. So once practice was over Coach Calloway met with my mom and me, then we talked for a minute about my film and he offered me on spot.”

Miree already held offers from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Seeing Florida up close and personal helped Florida become a legitimate early factor.

“From the time I got on campus I was impressed,” said Miree. “The facilities were very nice. The recruiters and staff were welcoming I felt wanted. When I met with Coach [Billy] Napier and Coach Callaway I really enjoyed the convo they had with my mom. My mom loved it and when she’s happy I am happy. The weather was nice. I really enjoyed myself I can definitely can see my self playing here.”

Seeing UF in action also stood out.

“The UF practice was fast and physical, but also very organized. Coach Callaway did a great job with coaching and getting after the tight ends.”

Up next for UF is getting him back on campus, inside the Swamp on a Saturday in the fall.

“I will be back to Gainesville for sure,” said Miree. “I loved it. I want to come back on a game day visit.”

With it being still so early in the process, Miree has yet to begin formulating a leaderboard.

“As of now I am just taking it all in, and building relationships and continuing to work hard to become a better player. To keep those relationships strong with the schools I have now. There will be a lot of factors to make my decision. Probably the most important one is what school is going to develop me the most to get me to the next level in life and football.”


Last week, in a span of three days, Holly Springs (Ms.) running back Tray Kinkle picked up Power 5 offers from Auburn, Florida, Florida State, and NC State.

Florida hadn’t had a lot of recent success recruiting the Magnolia State before adding KD Daniels in the last cycle.

The 6-foot, 180-pounder said that the offer came from Billy Napier himself.

“I spoke with the head coach, Coach Napier,” said Kinkle. “We had a great conversation and it ended in an offer.

Kinkle has visited UF already, having traveled over when Lawrence Hopkins brought Daniels and Jamonta Waller last year. Plus, there is the added benefit of his actually having lived in the Sunshine State in the past.

“I love Florida,” said Kinkle. “I stayed in Melbourne/Palm Bay for five years before I moved to where I am now. So far I’ve only visited the University of Florida and Ole Miss. I haven’t had enough visits to have a favorite, but I definitely enjoyed both.”

Kinkle said that he won’t be able to visit any campuses this spring because he is running track, and his own school is about to begin spring practices.

When it comes time to start narrowing his list, he said he has several knowledgeable adults to lean on to help with his decision.

“I want to make sure everything is good,” said Kinkle. “Besides my parents, I have two people – Lawrence Hopkins and Coach Bobby Jones – [to rely on]. What’s most important to me in making my choice is going to be the program, my position coach, and the academics.”

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