Impact Analysis: Linebacker enters Transfer Portal – again

by Mark Wheeler
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On Monday, for the second time in four months, Florida linebacker Mannie Nunnery entered the transfer portal. He initially entered it back in January, but then decided to stay. While that theoretically could still be an option, the parting shot he posted on Instagram on Monday likely means that his time in Gainesville is over.


After it became public that he was transferring, Nunnery posted and then deleted this from his Instagram (Via GatorsSZN). It is in reference to the 4th down conversion that led to Florida losing to Missouri last season.

“Things just didn’t work out…

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1 comment

  1. Sounds like this team is more connected than Napier's first two teams and Nunnery just wasn't a fit, too selfish.

    From the outside looking in, it seems like maybe this was a Brenton Cox type of situation but with a less talented player.

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