Florida players to keep an eye on as the Spring Transfer Portal window opens

14 Florida players to keep an eye on as transfer possibilties

by Mark Wheeler

Up until two years ago, if there wasn’t a coaching change involved, as long as a player didn’t have off-the-field issues, or was a lockerroom disruption, it was considered unseemly to mention the possibility that they might transfer.

Now, with the arrival of the Transfer Portal, it’s a given that there will be off-season attrition coming from players who don’t meet either of the above criteria.

On Monday the Transfer Portal officially opens.

To make it clear, the players listed below aren’t being written off and it isn’t a given that they will transfer, but if they are on the…

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  1. There's not one player on there who is going to make a difference between winning and losing in 2024.

    Let them all go so we can bring in a bigger class of better players.
  2. I don't think any of these are going to start for us but we can't keep losing players that hurts our depth.

    If we lose more than five or six players that's too many.
    The first thing that happens is we lost a player who hurts our depth.

    He did a good job in the spring game. We could use him back.
  3. I hate seeing some of the replies about Pouncey today on Twitter.

    The young man represented Florida well. I don't believe he ever had an issue off the field. He showed up to meetings/practices.

    The knock on him coming in was he needed to gain size (he is listed at 169-pounds on the spring roster), and he wasn't able to.
  4. Confirmed that Riley Simonds next phase is coaching. Here's another player who never had an off-the-field issue, and showed up to meetings/practice. He wasn't able to see the field, but that doesn't mean he wasn't an asset.

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