Recruiting Quick Hitter: Four-star sets Florida official visit

Quick Hitter: Davis & Fitzgerald

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Cleveland (Ohio) Heights four-star running back Marquise Davis saw Florida for the first time this past Saturday, and the visit went well enough that he has already set a date for a return trip.

“The highlight was the people I met and players and coaches I interacted with,” said Davis. “I mainly spoke with Coach [Jabbar] Juluke. He mainly spoke about how he could help me as a man, he got the football part down.”

Up next this spring are visits to Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee.

As for official visits, Davis has three set up already.

“I got Tennessee and Michigan set so far, I will add Florida as well on May 30th (5/31) to June 2nd I believe.”

The 5-foot-11, 200-pounder hasn’t publically released a leaderboard, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

“Yeah, I have leaders,” replied Davis when asked. “I won’t say right now though.”


Miami (Fla.) Columbus four-star safety Bryce Fitzgerald had an eye-opening experience at Florida on Saturday.

The 6-foot-1, 175-pounder shared his thoughts on his trip.

“My overall experience on the campus was a vibe,” said Fitzgerald. “The most impressive part was when I was called over to the DB huddle for the ending speech with Coach [Walt] Harris.”

Harris wasn’t the only Florida coach who interacted with Fitzgerald.

“I spent the most time with Coach Billy Napier,” explained Fitzgerald. “We talked about everything. I also had a great one-on-one conversation with Coach Harris.”

While the Gators were already high on his list, Saturday only helped to cement their standing.

“Florida has always been one of my dream schools, so my visiting with my family made the visit even better.”

As far as spring visits, the No. 216 ranked prospect in the nation said he will be visiting Florida State on Tuesday and Miami on Saturday.”

He has official visits set to Southern Cal (6/7) and Miami (6/23), with more on the way.

“I’m currently setting up four more OV. I just haven’t got the dates yet.”

Considering that he has six programs in his top group, it might be safe to assume that the other four official visits will come among the following:

“It’s in no order, my top schools right now are Miami, Florida, Florida State, USC, Nebraska, and Michigan.”

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