How Florida got to where they are with Wilson and Norman

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by Mark Wheeler
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On Wednesday reports began to surface that safety Kamari Wilson and defensive tackle Will Norman were transferring from Florida.

While losing two highly touted players is never a good thing, it isn’t exactly shocking, especially to those who have read our Behind-the-Scenes Inside Scoop Reports.

As part of our coverage, we do a Behind-the-Scenes look at the team and players during certain periods of the year (and will do several over the offseason this year) from an Insider who attends many practices from start to finish, and is privy to workout information.

His track record when it comes to naming his most disappointing players is spot on to this point.

On our March 3rd update reviewing the offseason from January through March, he singled out offensive lineman David Conner as being the most disappointing player.

Conner announced his transfer from Florida the following month.

The Inside Scoop: A look at Florida Football offseason to date

On our May 9th In-depth Insider Spring Review, he singled out Kamari Wilson as the most disappointing player over the spring.

Then, during a home game this season Wilson was escorted off the sidelines. Our Insider explained the situation on our forum.

His follow-up for our The Inside Scoop: In-depth look at the first half of the season

Wilson is now transferring.

And then there is Will Norman.

In our Insider Post-Spring Review, he had Norman as the most disappointing of the Early Entry Freshmen.

He later added that though Norman was a hard worker, he didn’t take to coaching.

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