Recruit Reaction: They’re [Florida] going to be good after they get the next class in

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Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 43-20 loss to No,. 1 Georgia. Find out what targets such as Koby Howard, Jaylen Wiggins, and Hylton Stubbs as well as others, thought of the game.

Florida Football Parental RoundTables

  • 2025 five-star receiver target Jaime Ffrench Jr.

It was definitely a good tradition game to go to here in my hometown. Great atmosphere. They both put up good competition, but Georgia pulled away early. Florida has a good room of receivers that can be something special, especially with Coach [Billy] Gonzales there. They put a lot of good stuff on tape!

  • 2025 four-star receiver target Koby Howard

The game started out good, I actually thought UF was going to pull it off, and then the the wheels came off in the second and third quarter. # 3 [Eugene] Wilson started out strong, l love how they were trying to get him going early! I was impressed at the start of the game then the execution started looking ugly! The receiver position is starting to look better each week. It’s looking like I’ll be back at Florida for the FSU game.

  • 2025 four-star safety target Hylton Stubbs

They’re [Florida] going to be good after they get the next class in. Florida’s safety play was average. They need to play better. They got some dudes back there though, they just gotta play better. I’m not sure yet when I’ll get back to Florida. We’ve got the playoffs coming soon. But I’m going to try to make it to one of them [Arkansas or Florida State games].

  • Michigan three-star offensive line commit Jake Guarnera

I was just there trying to enjoy the game as a fan. I wasn’t paying too much attention to one specific group, I was just trying to watch the game.

  • 2025 four-star defensive lineman Jalen Wiggins

I believe they started off great, but then lost it a little after that first quarter. Specifically, my position, from what I saw, played decently getting pressure on the quarterback. He just got the ball out quickly.

  • Three-star 2024 athlete target Gregory Smith III

I feel like there are a few things they have to clean up on both sides of the ball and get back on the same page.

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