Roster Rundown: Who should see more and less time

Roster Rundown

by Mark Wheeler

Here at the bye week, Florida stands at 5-2 thanks in part to some terrific individual performances, but mostly due to key contributions from a myriad of players. However, there are some players on the roster who have seen little to no action on game day.

Today Inside the Gators takes a look at the 13 non-true freshmen scholarship players who have appeared in less than half of the games this season, while also proposing the names of five players who deserve to see more action over the final half of the season and five who probably should see less…

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  1. What is the story on Kamari Wilson?
    Been a lot of smoke about an attitude problem. Staff also thinks he’s better suited to be a linebacker but he wants to play safety. Clearly got beat out as one true freshman is starting
  2. Jackson has to be one of the 5 who deserves to play more. All he does is make difficult catches. Let Jean and Mizell wait their turn and make Jackson the top target behind Pearsall.
  3. Less Marshall/Kimber and more JaKeem Jackson. If a corner is going to be beaten it's better to have it be a young corner who can learn from it instead of one of these guys who have been around for 3 years.

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