Grading the Gators: Humbled, again

No. 1 Georgia 43 - Florida 20

by Mark Wheeler

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Inside the Gators takes a look back on the Florida-Georgia game and hands out positional grades based on the performance of UF’s players and coaches, by the numbers, hot and not, and the bottom line.

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POSCOMMENTGRADEQBWhile complimenting him for his performance against South Carolina, I wrote in our breakdown that it was important to keep Graham Mertz‘s numbers in perspective. His career game came against the Gamecocks’ SEC worst (bottom five in the…

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  1. It was rough. Folks out there keep talking about progress and Napier is building things but I’m struggling to see it. This class is great but our biggest issue (OL) isn’t being immediately addressed. Our defense is bad, offense isn’t good and special teams is rough. Our young players don’t really seem to be showing significant improvements. What is Napier showing that truly gives us hope? He took over a 6 win team and won 6 games. Year 2 looks to be 6 games again. We just look unprepared and not improving.
  2. We were rolling along and then he called that reverse to Pearsall.

    It made me sick.

    He doesn't have a feel for when to make calls.
    4th down in your own 34 is great when you need to score late in a game with no timeouts left, but 4th and 2 feet early in the 2nd Freaking Quarter?

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