Recruit Reaction I: It was amazing, the atmosphere is second to none

Recruit Reaction

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Inside the Gators asked over 30 Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 29-16 win over No. 11 Tennessee. Here in Part I find out what targets such as Favour Edwin, Ryan Montgomery, Tarvos Alford II, and others thought of the game.

  • Three-star offensive line target Favour Edwin

That was a great win for Florida. They needed it after Utah. It shows their ability to bounce back. The offensive line looked great, and the run blocking was superb. It was amazing. The atmosphere is second to none. The highlight was the fans. Nobody should be that loud for four quarters.

  • 2025 three-star tight end target Micah Jones

I was excited and amazed by the atmosphere because it was so crazy and loud. I liked the love they showed to the tight end. That helped everything kind of open up. It was an all-around great trip and I’m glad I made the trip down. I talked to Coach [Russ] Callaway from the tight ends and a lot more. His message was family-like and genuine and everything was just great all around.

  • 2025 four-star quarterback target Ryan Montgomery

The atmosphere before the game was wild. Football is really treated as a religion down in Gainesville. Several people came up to me and knew who I was, so that was cool. The game atmosphere was better than advertised. Super happy Florida got that win, as it was a huge game for them. I really loved how [Graham] Mertz played and how he was utilized. Being able to stick around Sunday and spend more time with the staff was my highlight. I watched some film with Coach [Ryan] O’Hara and Coach Pruett for a good amount of time. Also got to talk with Coach [Billy] Napier, which was great. He would like me to come back down whenever I can.

  • 2026 four-star quarterback target Noah Grubbs

Absolutely electric! And I loved the balance Florida displayed with their play calling. The Gators quarterback looked comfortable all night and he played great! I’ve been to several games at the Swamp, including last year when they played LSU. Last night was the craziest and best atmosphere I’ve ever had in the Swamp. The highlight was my conversation with Coach [Ryan] O’Hara before the game, on the field.

  • 2024 kicker target Bobby Engstler

I thought the Gators looked great last night and they need to keep doing exactly what they’re doing! I think I would fit in really well with Florida’s special teams units. The atmosphere was amazing, one of the best Florida games I’ve ever been to! My highlight was when the Gators stopped Tennessee on a 4th down and the crowd went crazy!

  • 2025 four-star defensive line target Jalen Wiggins

I believe the performance was great, the defensive line did great in shutting the run game down keeping them from scoring much in the first half. The atmosphere was incredible. The energy and intensity were crazy throughout the whole game – which was great to see. I got a chance to speak with Coach [Billy] Napier and he said they are building and adding great things to the program player development wise and for the stadium, and it will only get better from here.

  • 2025 four-star receiver Naeshaun Montgomery

The atmosphere was insane! It’s true what they say about its so hard to win in the Swamp, and I see why. I love the offense and how they get their playmakers the ball.

  • 2026 offensive line target JJ Sparks

It was an awesome experience. The Swamp was insane! The OL played really physical, controlled the clock, and ran the ball well. The long Trevor [Etienne] touchdown run was a highlight. The place went crazy. The overall atmosphere and fan traditions from start to finish were awesome! Looking forward to coming back!

  • Three-star safety commit Josiah Davis

It’s just a great atmosphere and I’m ready to get to play in it. The defense was flying around. The coaches said that I’m a great fit at my position

  • 2025 four-star linebacker target Tarvos Alford II

The linebackers did great, especially Scooby [Williams]. There was a lot of turnover on downs. The atmosphere was amazing. My highlight was really the whole night.

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