QUICK Q&A: Florida is a big-time school for IMG cornerback

by Nate Bilgoray
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Late last month Florida extended an offer to Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy cornerback Major Preston Jr. and then on Saturday he visited Gainesville for UF’s second Jr. Day of the 2025 recruiting cycle.


What was the highlight of your visit?
I’d just say the amount of love they showed me when I was up there. Me and coach Harris, we had great talks up there; Not just only coach [Will] Harris, with everybody from recruiting to staff – I felt welcomed up there. I had a personal mentor to walk me around making sure I was good and everything. I loved it up there. It was a great vibe.”

Which coaches did you speak with the most, and what did they have to say to you?
“I really don’t know the other guys despite me just getting up to Florida, you know, trying to get used to it. But coach [Will] Harris, I will say, he likes my game a lot; He thinks I’m very physical with the run game. He thinks I can play all over around the field – I could play Safety, I could play Corner, I could play Nickel, he thinks I could play it all. That’s what he likes the most about me.”

What is your impression of new defensive backs coach Will Harris? He came to UF from the NFL’s Chargers. Does it help that he has that experience?
“Most definitely. We were in the meeting, and like, the stuff he was saying, it just made sense. He’s a great coach – he was breaking down Washington film in the meeting room with us and teaching us how to backpedal, how to break properly, just like some quick stuff that we can get in our head. But I have a good picture of coach [Will] Harris in my head; He’s a great coach.”

During last week’s junior day, one of the popular features was the player panel. What did the players really have to say about this program? Who were some of the players?
“The player panel, it was a very good thing for me – asking questions and tryna get a good feel for Florida and what they have going on behind closed doors. But one of the guys, T.J. Searcy, he just gave me a good brief review of like it’s just a brotherhood, you with your brother 24/7, you gotta love him, take care of him, cuz you gon’ have to depend on him in big moments. He was just saying everybody just gotta be on the same page and stuff. They went over camp, like fall camp, spring camp, how hard it is and you just gotta be dedicated and just gotta have that mindset, you gotta be mentally strong to do it.”

Is there anything new you learned about the Gators that you didn’t know before? If so, what?
“They had, imma’ just go with the SEC one, they had three guys, they had three freshman all SEC last year so like I love how they playing their freshman, they believe in their freshman and that’s big cuz I would love to play as a freshman but that always isn’t gonna’ work cuz you’re gonna play when you’re ready.”

What is the most impressive thing you saw either on tour of the campus or during one of the presentations? What really stood out?
“Let me think. I would go with, I loved the locker room I aint gon’ lie. Like, with the Jordans and stuff, that plays a big role too. And the recruiting lady there, we played this self-awareness card game where we was putin’ what was important to you, not important [in groups], I feel like that was big cuz that’s the first time that happened to me on a college visit so that definitely changed my whole perspective on Florida, cuz a lot of things they were telling me it was like they care about their players a lot. You can call them for anything, they love you up there and that’s how I felt up there – I felt welcomed. They like to know where their players at mentally wise.”

How do you feel about Florida after visiting today?
“I feel great man, Florida was, that was a big time school for me. Florida is definitely a great place, they’re building great things over there. I’d say they’re at the top of my list right now for schools right now. Yeah, Florida’s a great place. And I got one of my long-time homeboys, Jarrae “Tank” Hawkins, yeah [we] grew up together that’s my dog. We just played on the same little league team and traveled together.”

It’s still early for you, but do you have any leaders or a leaderboard?
“Florida will definitely be a major [school] in my recruiting process. I wouldn’t have a top three [or leaderboard].”

Preston Jr., who transferred to IMG from Virginia, has offers from programs such as Michigan and Oklahoma.

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