Impact Analysis: Four-star Grimsley flipped because he believes in Florida’s program

Florida adds four-star transfer from Alabama

by Inside the Gators Staff

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It was an interesting recruiting process between Florida and Tampa (Fla.) Catholic four-star Jameer Grimsley. When Inside the Gators visited him at his high school last spring, he relayed that though the Gators had recently offered, it was too little, too late. Not long afterward, he came out with his leaders, and though Florida was in his top eight, they didn’t secure an official visit. That however changed after an unofficial campus visit, and the Gators made his final three before he committed to Alabama. After officially visiting Florida in December, he said he had a decision to make between the stability of the Tide, and helping to try to bring the Gators back to prominence. He stuck with Alabama mostly, if not entirely, due to Nick Saban. However, when Saban retired, and defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson left for Georgia, it opened the door for Florida.


“I decided to commit to Florida because that was the team that was pushing for me the hardest and it’s always been my dream to go to Florida. I felt like I could really commit to the school rather than commit to the coaches. Whereas with Alabama, I was committed to Coach [Nick] Saban and all the coaches, and once he retired and the coaches that recruited me left and an entirely new coaching staff came in, I didn’t believe in the program. That’s what made me decide to transfer to Florida.” – Grimsley on why he chose to flip from Alabama to Florida

“My first-year expectations, obviously I want to start and be a Freshman All American, but we’re going to put in the work and I want to be developed.” – Grimsley’s first-year expectations

“Coach [Will] Harris, with him coming from the NFL, I think he can develop me and I trust that he will be able to maximize my potential.” – Grimsley shares his thoughts on Florida’s new cornerbacks coach


In the brand-new world of CFB, featuring the Transfer Portal, it doesn’t hurt nearly as badly to come in second place for a top target. The proof is that for the second time in a matter of days, after Florida was able to position itself to be the fallback option for two of the most highly rated targets on their board, thanks to coaching changes at their first choice they became Gators. How they arrived in Gainesville means little. What matters is that UF received a major infusion of defensive talent over the weekend.


Not only is he Florida’s highest-ranked defensive back signee (transfer), but he is just the Gators’ third Top 25 signee in the On3 Consensus State of Florida prospect rankings and is universally considered a Top 300 prospect in the nation.

Industry Comparison Ranking via On3


After a poor finish down the stretch (and it’s okay to admit it was a poor finish – it doesn’t make you less of a Florida fan) in the Early Signing Period, Florida has rebounded with two huge additions here in the last couple of days. As far as Grimsley goes, two things jump out at you. He has a long frame, a legitimate 6-foot-2-plus and he is a track athlete. As a matter of fact, as referenced above when I went to see him back in the spring, he didn’t practice that day because he was on his way to Jacksonville for the State Track Finals. The bottom line is that after adding the No. 2 prospect in our 10 Most Wanted, Grimsley instantly boosts what was a below-average defensive back signing class and when you pull a cornerback that Saban coveted, you know you have done something.

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  1. With the committment from the kid who flipped from Texas, where does this move us up to in the rankings?
    Isn't one considered a high school recruit and the other one a transfer that don't count in the rankings.

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