Transfer Portal Quick Q&A: Lineman has two visits set

by Mark Wheeler
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Coming out of La Mesa (Calif.) Helix High School in the Class of 2021, then four-star offensive tackle Josh Simmons was as highly sought after as any lineman on the west coast with offers from the likes of Georgia, Michigan and Southern Cal before ending up signing with San Diego State.

Now, two years later, he is going through the process once again after entering the Transfer Portal as a 6-foot-5, 305-pound right tackle who is already considered to be an NFL prospect.


You have interest from a few major programs. Have there been any ‘wow’ moments in which you were just taken aback by a program of such and such a nature wanting you? “”Not really. I understand that those interested in me can easily come and go, so I try to understand that it’s a blessing as much as it is an opportunity.”

To this point, how has recruiting been different from when you went through it in high school compared to being in the Transfer Portal? “In high school, I feel as if it was a lot slower. The Portal has a faster pace. Maybe because in high school you have all four years. In the portal its about two to three weeks.”

Has your perspective or priorities changed as far as what you are looking for? What will be important to you when you make your decision? “No. I still want to maxamize my potential as a football player.”

Florida’s O’Cyrus Torrence went from the Sunbelt to UF, and was an All-American this past season. Is there any doubt in your mind about going from SDSU level to what could be the very top of Power 5? Is it a little scary? “No. Yes the guys in the SEC are a lot bigger, faster, and stronger – but I feel like the coaches (Coach Goff and Bernardi) at my previous school have coached me amazingly well, to handle any form of dynamic rushers I might face. Also, you will be practicing against those same beasts in camp for a good month, so I feel you could adjust from the time in camp so it’s not a ‘Try to keep your head above water’ type of first few weeks.”

Though you played tackle at SDSU, Simmons is listed as the No. 48 ranked interior lineman in the On3 Portal Rankings? Where do you see you lining up? “I assume most are wanting me at tackle. I feel that’s where the attributes of my game are better suited. I feel I possess the footwork that fits tackle. Of course, I prefer tackle. I like it and I’ve been playing it for a long time and am used to it now.”

Which Florida coaches do you speak with, and what is their message to you? What is your impression of them?[Rob] Sale and Stape [Darnell Stapleton]. Their message to me is that the Florida Gators offer everything a football player can ask for. My impression of those two is that they are very genuine coaches.”

What made you decide to visit Florida? “Ever since the portal opened UF has been recruiting me very hard, showing love to my family on a daily basis over the phone. I can only imagine what an in-person visit would be like.”

Do you have any other visits scheduled? “I have Colorado on May 18th.”

What does your schedule look like, when do you plan on making a decision? “Sometime soon. Time will tell.”

Simmons is the No. 48 ranked interior lineman according to the On3 Transfer Portal Rankings.

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