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The Kyle Pitts Factor, according to his teammates

March 26, 2019

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We could continue to talk about the way Dan Mullen and staff cross train their Florida Gators to have position versatility, examining how it changes the dynamic of the offense…but we’ve done it before and will do so again.

We could wax poetic about how even as an upcoming sophomore, the 6’6”, 246lb Kyle Pitts has already come to encapsulate this more than anyone, floating between tight end and wide receiver. We could break down every part of his three receptions for 73 yards including the 52-yard touchdown and how only a handful of statistical moments set the foundation for a spring that sees him all over the field.

No one can explain any of this as well as Kyle Pitts’ teammates though, so we asked them. They line up next to him and across from him every day. They help him grow, learn from him and stand in awe as he develops. So who better to explain the versatility and possibilities of Kyle Pitts than those who already know best? Here’s what they have to say.  


“I think it's pretty unique being able to flex out wide and be inside too. Being versatile and bringing worth to the team."


"I feel like Kyle Pitts, he very versatile. He can run like a receiver, he can routes like a receiver but he got big hands and he can make tough catches and he can go over your head whenever he wants because he's so tall and they can throw it to him like out the box like some Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham type stuff. So I feel like, that's a good, I like Kyle Pitts, that's a good guy." 


"He's one of the most dynamic players we have, as you can see. He comes in as a tight end. Now we got him as a receiver and he's a guy we can put anywhere on the field. It's awesome to have a young guy like him that we can count on now. He's a great player, he's a great teammate and I love the way he's working his butt off. It's good to see him coming around."


“Oh man, he’s amazing. That’s one of my closest friends on the team, but he’s amazing. He’s able to go play out wide and still come in and put his hand in the dirt and still give you work at the same time. He’s young. I’m older than him, so me seeing him, I’m like you’re that big, you’re that fast and you’re still basically a kid. He’s basically a freak a nature.”


“He moves really good for his size. I wouldn’t expect him to move like that just looking at him. But he’s really big and smooth, he’s fast, so he’s a big mismatch. He’s like a tight end, but he moves like a receiver. He’s a big mismatch. He’s getting us better, we’re getting him better. He’s very talented and only getting better.”


“Even though he’s young, he got his feet wet last year. He’s a big guy. he’s a good route runner and he has decent speed. He’s long, so you have to play him like body him and stuff like that.”


“He just asks things like how do you get out of these breaks so fast. How do you create so much separation? I just send him clips, clips that my dad send me so he can learn too.  We just go back and forth. I’ve learned from him. His strength is he’s strong so I try to take stuff from his game and implement it in mine too. He tries to take stuff from my game and implement it in his. I think it’s just a back and forth thing.”

The Kyle Pitts Factor, according to his teammates

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Dan the Man
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I love that our players are so high on him.

Is he all WR or will he play some TE?
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Dan the Man said:

I love that our players are so high on him.

Is he all WR or will he play some TE?

According to he and Mullen, both. A couple of the guys, I asked to classify him used adjectives instead of a position because they said he's everything haha
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I'm looking forward to seeing him in this offense now.
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