Anonymous Player Q&A II: Thoughts on the state of Florida football

by Inside the Gators Staff

Originally published 3/14

This marks the 13th off-season in which Inside the Gators has interviewed an anonymous departing player in order for him to share his thoughts on an array of topics regarding Florida Gators football.

In the past, we have conducted these far-reaching interviews in late summer. However, the last couple of years we wanted to get some information on returning players and this segment of the off-season regime here during the spring.

Therefore, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be conducting interviews with a couple of anonymous players to give our readers a better understanding of what is currently…

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  1. In all of these that I've read they say coach Napier loves the players and loves coaching but in none of them do any of them who have played for him think he is a great coach.

    That makes me worry about wasting a couple of more years to find out what we already know.

    He is a good person but not up to being the Florida head coach.
  2. There are some common themes in these reports (which I love) and one of them is lack of confidence in the coaching, including S&C. I'm not even sure it's worse coaching but clearly their are many players who don't trust the coaching staff on game day.

    I don't even put this on Napier though. One of my favorite Spurrierisms is, "It's not your fault. It's my fault for putting you in there." You had to expect a pretty steep learning curve when you put a coach with such little experience in charge of such a big time program, in a big time league that's only getting better. The performance on the field so far is on the person that hired the HC.

    I just hope Napier embraces that. I hope he sees it as a learning curve and year three will be his best year. If you dig in and double down on what hasn't worked, that's when you get in trouble. I think the new coaches could make a big difference. I hope so!
  3. Is this the first time one of the players said that they think that Napier will be able to turn Florida around?

    That is a big positive.
    The player also said that they thought Mullen was a better coach.

    Napier has love from the players because all the stuff he's done for them but none of them yet that I read think he is a good coach.

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