Class of 2025 Dream Team Targets: Defense

by Inside the Gators Staff

What if the Florida staff was in a position where they could pick and choose which prospects are going to sign with the Gators? A so-called ‘Dream Team‘ consisting of 22 Class of 2025 players.

No, not the overall highest-rated prospect at each position, but rather the highest-rated prospect at each of the 11 offensive and 11 defensive positions who have shown a genuine interest in the Gators and that UF is a factor for, at least to some degree.

Without knowing what the actual board looks like, we make an educated guess at who is currently the top target…

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  1. Major Preston should be one of the CB.
    I think he will be highly sought after, but when I was putting this together he wasn't ranked by three of the four services - making it difficult to label him as a 'Dream Team' member.

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