QUICK Q&A: Lineman receives offer, wants to return in the spring

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Saint Stephen (S.C.) Timberland 2026 offensive lineman Desmond Green picked up early offers from Georgia and South Carolina last summer. However, the 6-foot-5, 320-pounder then went through an extended period without receiving an offer.

That dry spell came to an end on Saturday when Florida offered during their final Jr. Day of the 2025 cycle.


What was the highlight of your visit today?
“I believe the highlight of my day was getting the offer. It completed the day for me.”

What did it mean to get an offer from Florida?
“I think to me it meant that I’m still being looked at and recruited, even though I felt like I had hit a little slump recently.”

Which coaches did you speak with the most, and what did they have to say to you?
“Honestly, there were a lot of other recruits there, so I really didn’t get a chance to talk to a coach personally.”

Is there anything new you learned about the Gators today that you didn’t know before? If so, what?
“One of the new things I learned today was that Florida is the only school to win a national title in football and men’s basketball in the same calendar year. I’ve never heard of that before.”

What is the most impressive thing you saw either on a tour of the campus or during one of the presentations? What stood out?
“The most impressive thing I saw was the tunnel leading to the locker room. As I was inside it I could see and feel the decades of Florida football and its history written on the walls. It definitely shows how much history is in the football program.”

How do you feel about Florida after visiting today?
“I feel like Florida is definitely one of the programs building for the future and during the presentations, you could see they care about the person, not just the player.”

It’s still early for you, but do you have any leaders or a leaderboard?
“I have my thoughts on leaders, but since it’s still so early, I’d like to keep that private.”

Do you know of any visits you have coming up in the spring?
“Me and my family plan on taking trips to Georgia, South Carolina, possibly Virginia Tech, and definitely Florida for spring ball.”

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