QUICK Q&A: SEC commit will keep an eye on the Gators

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Kingston (Ga.) Cass 6-foot-3, 285-pound offensive lineman Bear McWhorter is committed to Arkansas, but he visited Florida for Saturday’s Jr. Day.

While he may only be rated as a three-star early on, he has offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Penn State, Tennessee, and Texas.


What was the highlight of your visit today?
“I would definitely say getting to meet with Coach [Billy Napier] Nape for about 30 minutes in his office. We had a great conversation. He was really just catching up with me and my mom. Asking about the season I had and what I’m doing now to separate myself from others. He made it clear how much he wanted me.”

Which coaches did you speak with the most, and what did they have to say to you?
“Coach [Mason] Collins was with me and my mom the whole day. He was a great host and answered a lot of questions. I also spent a lot of time with Coach [Darnell] Stapleton.”

Is there anything new you learned about the Gators today that you didn’t know before? If so, what?
“It was great getting to learn more about player development and really just see more in-depth how they take care of their guys.”

What is the most impressive thing you saw either on a tour of the campus or during one of the presentations? What really stood out?
“The weight room and training room. Florida really does have all the tools you could ever need for longevity and success on the field.”

How do you feel about Florida after visiting today?
“I feel good about them. This is definitely somewhere I’ll have my eyes on moving forward.”

It’s still early for you, you’re committed to Arkansas, but where do you stand?
“I’m committed to Arkansas. Florida is one of the few schools I want to hear out and keep connections with because I know a lot can happen before I sign and go to school.”

Did you get a chance to speak with any of the players, if so, who and what did they say to you?
“At the end of the visit, there were a few players that got up in front of the group and talked through what life was like as a Gator and gave some tips for the recruiting process.”

What other visits do you have coming up in the next month or so?
“I’ll be visiting West Virginia next weekend. That’s all I have scheduled for right now.”

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