QUICK Q&A: Four-star legacy meets with new staff additions

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Orlando (Fla.) Jones 2025 receiver Trey Brown is no stranger to the University of Florida. His father, Vernell Brown, was a cornerback for the Gators and then served as part of Dan Mullen and Billy Napier‘s support staff.

The family has since moved from Gainesville to Orlando. After the Florida staff visited him on Thursday, the 5-foot-11, 170-pound Brown returned to campus on Friday.

With offers from the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Tennessee, he is without a doubt on of the most coveted prospects in the state.


What was the highlight of your visit?
“The highlight of the visit was just spending time with the people in the building and the players. I was there pretty much all day.”

Which coaches did you speak with the most, and what did they have to say to you?
“I talked to Billy G [Gonzales] and coach [David] Doeker the most. They were telling me how much they wanted me and things of that nature but we also talked about life stuff too and things outside of football.”

You’ve been on campus so many times, is there anything new you learned about the Gators today that you didn’t know before? If so, what?
“I learned about the changes that have been made in order to better the program. They also have made a few staff changes since I’ve last been there, so I got the opportunity to meet some new staff members today.”

What is the most impressive thing you saw either on tour of the campus or during one of the presentations? What really stood out?
“I would say just throughout their presentations and stuff, just how thorough and organized they are with everything.”

How do you feel about Florida after visiting today?
“I feel good as I’m continuing to learn more and more about Florida.”

Florida is coming off back-to-back losing seasons. What do you want to see from them this year to make you feel better about them? Or does that matter?
“I think the biggest thing I want to see is just the on field part start to come together and reflect all of the changes they’ve made and things they’ve done to benefit the program.”

It’s still early for you, but do you have any leaders or a leaderboard?
“I don’t really have a leaderboard, but I do have top schools, which I will release soon.”

Brown is the No. 307 ranked prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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