Weekend Visitor Preview: Defensive linemen headline big visitor weekend

Jun 10, 2022 | 1 comment



Malik Bryant‍   


The Skinny:  For as close as he is, he hasn’t been on campus as much as the other highly regarded targets in central Florida, making this an important weekend for the Gators as he takes a look around before making his announcement next month. UF is clearly the team to beat, but keep an eye on Miami (where he will visit at the end of the month). He made it clear to us when we visited him at his high school last month that he also likes the vibe down there. None of that may matter in the end. He also made it clear that he is saving an official visit for Alabama, and if the Tide push, he said what happens on July 23rd isn’t necessarily going to be the end of his recruiting journey.

Knijeah Harris‍ 

Offensive Lineman

The Skinny:  Currently Florida’s top committed recruiter, he has been all over the likes of Will Norman‍ and other IMG Academy prospects on behalf of the Gators, so it makes sense for him to be on campus on such a big official visit weekend. He did tell Inside the Gators when we visited him on last month that a couple of other programs are still contacting him, but he didn’t plan any other visits.

Justice Haynes‍  

Running Back

The Skinny: Florida being able to get him back on campus for an official visit after he unofficially visited back in the spring is a win for the Gators. However, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it is going to take a miracle to pull him out of Georgia. It will be interesting to hear him compare the two (he officially visited UGA last weekend) and see what happens on his upcoming official with Alabama.

Derrick LeBlanc‍  

Defensive Lineman

The Skinny: Though he delayed his commitment date from July 23rd, my feelings are still the same, Florida is the team to beat. He was at Oklahoma last weekend and will see Penn State next weekend. 

Payton Kirkland‍     

Offensive Lineman

The Skinny:  Another target who has appeared in our last two mock classes, but unlike LeBlanc above, he will still make his announcement on July 23 and shut recruiting down after he makes his pledge. I believe he wants to stay close to home, meaning his official visit to Miami is probably worth keeping an eye on more so than his upcoming trip to Michigan State.

Will Norman‍  

Defensive Lineman

The Skinny: While he could become so overwhelmed that it could happen, but even if he doesn't make a public commitment this weekend, make no mistake about it Florida is in a very good position with Norman. He’s been included in our last two monthly months for a reason. Having him come over with IMG Academy teammate, and floor mate, UF commit Knijeah Harris‍ is also a solid move by the staff.

TJ Searcy‍     

Defensive Lineman

The Skinny: After visiting Florida back in March, it didn’t feel like the Gators had shot to the top of his list, so getting this return visit will certainly help UF gain some momentum, but how much? 

Raylen Wilson‍ ‍   


The Skinny: The Michigan commit was at Florida’s home opener last season, and afterward commented to Inside the Gators about how much he was impressed with the atmosphere. This weekend he returns to campus after visiting Florida back in the spring as well. He saw Georgia last weekend and then will go to Ann Arbor next weekend.

Peter Woods‍  

Defensive Lineman

The Skinny:  He is a bit off schedule, arriving Thursday rather than today, but he still should be mixing in with the rest of the visitors for their Friday trip to Dave & Busters and then Spurrier’s Grille. Florida made his final four despite, to my knowledge, unless I missed something along the way, he had never set foot on campus. He visited Clemson last week, and you can be sure he’ll make it to Tuscaloosa. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that top-rated prospects from the state of Alabama mostly stay home to play their college football when the Tide make them a priority. Well, they’ve made Woods a priority. It will be interesting to get his take on how this weekend visit went for him and his family.



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