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Inside the Gators Commitment Burn Barometer

July 23, 2018



Nothing in recruiting takes place within a bubble. When prospects associated with your program, regardless of where they appear on your board, commit elsewhere, it impacts your board.

Normally the first reaction from a fan when they see a prospect who is associated with their school commit elsewhere is a sense of dread. A prospect that they wanted was taken by another school, perhaps even a rival.

Every now and then we'll take a look at how prospects committing to other programs impacts Florida and put a 'Burn Barometer' grade on it as to how much it impacts the Gators.

This is akin to being two-minutes too long out in the sun. It doesn't even amount to a sun burn in the world of recruiting. Yes Florida showed some interest, but I doubt anyone is losing sleep over this one

Superficial wound that Florida barely feels at all - being from the Sunshine State, this is a mild sunburn at worst. The staff will shrug it off and move on

The Florida staff can feel this one, it's more than just a mere inconvenience. While it's painful, the Gators can recover

This is more than just a set-back, this is when it really starts to hurt the Florida staff. As long as it is limited, it isn't in itself fatal, but these take time to recover from and can shake up, and cause you to reassess your board

These are almost always fatal in real life and in recruiting. A couple of these can kill recruiting at a position and can potentially wreck a class

Ventura County Star
Mycah Pittman‍  WR 6-foot-1, 190-pounds

Go back and read the comments on Chris Steele‍ and they will closely mirror what is written here. Two and a half months ago, Pittman seemed like a slam-dunk to Florida.

Unlike Steele though, despite currently residing in California, he actually has ties to the Sunshine State, having lived here in the past and calling it his 'home state' before.

Yes, you have to take into consideration that the Ducks have commitments from a few of his friends, however, with his willingness to leave the Golden State this feels more like an instance where Florida was simply out recruited by Oregon.

That isn't an anomaly, Mario Cristobal is known as a top notch recruiter. Unfortunately for Ducks fans though, he isn't known as a top head coach. Therefore, one thing to watch for is how Oregon performs this year. If they don't do well, could that reopen this door? If not, realistically, Florida's wide out board currently consists of Elijah Higgins‍ and a bunch of question marks.

Possible Replacement: Elijah Higgins


Warren McClendon OL 6-foot-4, 295-pounds

If this were a situation where Florida was a legitimate contender, who was in the final five but lost out on a big target at a position where targets are quickly falling off the board, he would be much more than just one and a half flames.

However, McClendon is a bit like Derek Stingley‍ and Keiondre Jones‍ in that he always favored another over Florida, but a couple of visits over the spring and summer helped to raise hopes, when the Gators were realistically always a long shot.

Now, we can discuss the reasons why the Gators shouldn't be such a long shot to land a prospect located just over the Fla/Ga border. But that conversation is left for another day.

I figured he would end up at South Carolina, with Georgia in second. That may have been flipped, but the fact that the Gators will have to face him yearly is still the same. That could be problematic because he actually (along with Wanya Morris‍ (who is also committed in the East) looked like a potential future All-SEC lineman while at The Opening.

Possible Replacement: Kamaar Bell


Keiondre Jones‍  OG 6-foot-3, 318-pounds

Jones is a bit like Derek Stingley‍ in that the writing has been on the wall as to where he was going for a while now. Auburn, mostly due to the location allowing him multiple visits in which to build a relationship, had a commanding lead, and to the Florida staff's credit (and give cousin Emory Jones‍ an assist), they made up ground, but in the end it wasn't enough.

Though they gave a valiant effort, working their butts off to come in second isn't helping Florida's board and there starts to become a significant drop-off from what you recruited and lost out on to what you ended up with.

Possible Replacement: Kamaar Bell


Ethan Rae‍  TE 6-foot-5, 240-pounds

I was tempted to add another half a fire to this one just because the board, which looked incredible a month to six weeks ago, now is basically down to one.

To add a word of caution here, while anything can happen in recruiting, fora lot of these Burn Barometer prospects we are doing, this is the end of the line. However, if Southern Cal can pull Jude Wolfe‍, it may leave an opening for the Gators to get back in this one.

Possible Replacement: Keon Zipperer

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