Pretty Awesome Run Down! Thanks for pulling this together!

If I can break this down (or narrow it down) and look at just the guys that are not already committed to Florida and focus on the ones that are "high" on Florida (UF Trend # in that 5-8 range), I get the following list of 20 Targets in descending order based on projected interest (Yellow, Green, and Blue highlights for positions of need):

Given the need on the Defensive Line (DT/SDE) looks like we are in great shape with 2 already committed and things looking good related to Tim Smith....being able to 3 high end recruits is going to be critical.

Offensive Line, we got a lot of numbers last class, but not a lot of high end talent. We need to at least lock in 2 of the 4 OL targets on this list....assuming they cannot secure one from out of state.

Avantae Williams is MUST GET in a ABSOLUTE NEED position! He a bit small for a safety at 170 LBS, but he needs is a must!
---Go Gators!