I would expect Greenard to step in the Hybrid spot and take off. He had above average production at Louisville, he's coming of an injury and it's a "contract year" for him. With Zuniga on the opposite side and Campbell/Shuler both back the Weak side is there for the taking.

Of the new guys, Summerall seems to be blessed with incredible speed off the ball on the edge but needs to put on 30+ lbs before he sees any significant playing time. I would expect Diabate and Moon to be the bulk of the

Houston reminds me a lot of Joseph (for better or worse) ...incredibly athletic and physical, a nose for the football but can be reckless and undisciplined at times. I can see him filling the roll but between him and Miller ...no idea.

As for the MIKE, it's Reese's world and everyone else is just living in it. There may be some liability with him on the field but there is NO question that the defense functions better as a unit when he's out there.