Recruit Reaction: “It was definitely a crazy game”

Sep 18, 2022 | 1 comment

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 31-28 win over South Florida. Find out what Chauncey Bowens, Marcus Stokes, Armondo Blount, and others thought of the game.

  • 2024 four-star commit Chauncey Bowens

“I thought we played a tough game and the boys showed that they can handle adversity.”

  • 2023 long snapper PWO Gannon Burt

“I thought it was a great game. It kept you on the edge of your seat and ended with a special teams bobble by USF to win us the game, revering the importance of specialists. I watched our specialists and they did great, those guys are all studs and I am so excited to get the opportunity to work with them.”

  • 2025 four-star defensive end target Armondo Blount

“The game was fun and exciting. When the team was down, they came together more. The atmosphere was great, hearing the crowd was so awesome. It had me ready to put on pads and play.”

  • 2024 four-star defensive end target Kendall Jackson

“Last night’s game was a good game from both teams. The players played hard and made some great plays and I like great players who make great plays. I look at it as if you need to treat all opponents the same. Come out with the mindset that we’re still going to play shutout defense and flawless offense.”

  • 2023 PWO receiver Jackson Wade

“The game was electric! I loved the fans and the energy they brought. The team played great. It was close till the end but you know them Gators walked away with that W! Great overall win!”

  • 2025 wide receiver target Cortez Mills

“I loved it, great energy. I think the game was great it came down to the last minute. I like how the receivers were moving around and weren’t selfish for the ball but they were blocking great and when the ball came their way, they made plays!”

  • 2024 four-star defensive back target Brayshon Williams

“I feel like Florida coulda played way better than they did knowing that it’s not an SEC school they played, but they still got the job done.”

  • 2023 four-star quarterback commit Marcus Stokes

“It was definitely a crazy game. I made the wrong choice not to go to the game?”

  • 2024 place kicker target Jake Weinberg

“The Swamp was crazy, I’ve never been in a stadium that loud! The energy and fans exceeded my expectations!”

  • 2025 defensive end target TJ Taggart

“It was amazing to be in the Swamp. I’ve never been in a stadium that loud. I like how the team plays together. It’s a real brotherhood.”

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