Recruit Reaction: ‘I’m officially visiting sometime in December’

Oct 9, 2022 | 1 comment

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 24-17 win over Missouri. Find out what Kayden McDonald, Caden Jones, Andrew Hines, and others thought of the game.

  • 2023 three-star offensive line target Caden Jones

“It was great. They started off a little slow in the first half, but they picked it up with the run game toward the end. The coaches just told me to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m officially visiting sometime in December.”

  • 2023 PWO receiver Jackson Wade

It was a great team win. Everyone did their job. Jaydon Hill was a standout with his pick-six and interception. He was a huge help to the defense.”

  • Four-star defensive tackle target Kayden McDonald

“It was a good game. It felt like home. I could see myself out there. The highlight was being in the new facility. The coach’s message was, ‘We need you in the Swamp.'”

  • 2024 kicker target Bobby Engstler

“I think it was a great team win! It was very competitive and the highlight of the game for me had to be the atmosphere once again!”

  • 2023 PWO safety Ahman Covington

“I think it was great a win. It was special also because it was our first SEC win of the season, so that played a major part in it as well. My favorite highlight was Jaydon Hill with the pick six, but ovarall defense played great.”

  • 2024 four-star linebacker target Andrew Hines

“It was a great win today. The highlight was in the fourth quarter, how the Gators kept fighting and the fans kept getting louder and louder.”

  • 2025 quarterback target Tramell Jones

“It was a great bounce-back win for them. I loved how they used the run to open up the pass. It was a different kind of atmosphere in the Swamp!”

  • 2024 defensive line target Elyjah Thurmon

“The win over Missouri today was a good one. In the first half, the offense left a lot more points on the field than what they had on the board. The highlight for me was the pick six in the first quarter.”

  • 2024 three-star defensive back Tevis Metcalf

“I thought it was a great game. I loved how the defense was applying pressure. The fans highlighted the game for me today with their spirit.”

  • 2023 three-star receiver commit Tyree Patterson

“I like how they got the stop towards the end of the game, which allowed them [Florida] to take a knee and win the game. I didn’t watch the whole game, but I watched most of the fourth quarter. But, it was a great game.”

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