Recruit Reaction: ‘I really like Florida. You see me here a lot’

Oct 16, 2022 | 1 comment

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 45-35 loss to LSU. Find out what Elijah Rushing, John Walker, Desmond Ricks, and others thought of the game.

  • 2024 four-star defensive end target Ernest Willor

“I think it was hard fought. The muffed punt recovery qas the highlight, and I loved the atmosphere. It it was great.”

  • 2024 four-star quarterback target DJ Lagway

“The loss doesn’t affect anything with how I feel about the team and coaching staff. I truly believe in what they’re doing up there in Gainesville.”

  • 2025 defensive end target Kelan Butler

“The atmosphere was crazy the fans were great! I think Florida played good. I really like Ventral Miller, he did really good. It was a really nice facility as well.”

  • 2024 four-star linebacker target Kris Jones

“Mistakes on defense lost them that game. The highlight of the game was watching Ventrell Miller in action. I liked how he lined up in different positions on the defense and not just sitting in the middle. The swamp is definitely the livest stadium I’ve been in and this potentially could be home.”

  • 2024 five-star cornerback target Desmond Ricks

“It was great. Very loud atmosphere. I enjoyed it a lot. The defensive back room has a little bit of work to do obviously, as you’ve seen tonight. I think guys like me can help fix that.”

  • 2024 four-star defensive end target Elijah Rushing

“The atmosphere was different. It was definitely great seeing the defense up and close in person because on TV it’s kind of hard to keep up. Now you have it right in your face. So, it was easier to keep up and I love what I saw.”

  • 2023 three-star offensive line commit Knijeah Harris

“I loved the atmosphere, that’s one of the reasons I chose to come here. The offensive line played great. Seeing the big holes they opened up and the way they finished the game, they kept fighting.”

  • 2023 four-star defensive line commit Kelby Collins

“It was crazy. I think the little [decible] meter scale hit 104 one time. It was super loud even when were down. They didn’t give up. The team didn’t give up, I felt like. That means a lot. I feel like they did a good job pressuring and I feel like this class we’re recruiting a lot of D-line. I feel like we’re just going to help add on to that pressure, help build this D-line and defense. Because the defense really starts at the D-line, where pressure is made, we could get some more pics and stuff like that. So, I feel like we could just come in and help them.”

“I loved the atmosphere there. As for the loss, it’s still ‘Go Gators!’ Ima still ride for them because it’s really not about the wins or losses, we are rebuilding right now and I hope everyone knows it’s not gonna be like that for long.”

  • Three-star wide receiver commit Tyree Patterson

“I think UF should have won, but they fought hard. It was a great game. The atmosphere was crazy and felt unreal.”

  • 2025 four-star wide receiver target Caleb Cunningham (who was offered on Saturday)

“The atmosphere was so amazing. It was very loud. The Gators looked real good, but made a couple of mistakes – but we all are going to make mistakes.”

  • 2024 four-star offensive line target Daniel Calhoun

“I was good. I got to see the new facility. It’s very nice, very big. It [the game] was good. There were a lot of ups and downs. The offensive line played well though. I saw some pancakes, some missed blocks, but they played good. [Where Florida stands] Very high, I’d say. I love the campus, really, and the new facility also. But I really like the campus.”

  • Four-star defensive tackle target John Walker

“I like the effort. They played all four quarters. That’s what I really like, they haven’t given up. [The coaches said] they need guys like me and they really want me. They just want to keep building a bond and keep them posted. I really like Florida. You see me here a lot. I really do like Florida. I’m still committed [to UCF]. I like UCF a lot.”

  • 2024 three-star offensive line target Blake Franks

“I mean losses happen, so I wasn’t worried about that – but toward the end, I loved how they stuck together and tried to put points on the board. And the crowd was eating up everything thing they gave them.”

  • 2023 three-star Central Michigan wide receiver commit Javorian Wimberly

“They were going to come back and win if it wasn’t for the roughing the passer. The highlight was the interception they called back because that would’ve gave Florida momentum, and the atmosphere was crazy.”

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