Napier sent the No. 8 rated prospect off with an FU (all the time)

Jun 6, 2022 | 1 comment

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The most highly rated prospect on campus for Florida over the weekend wasn't an official visitor, he isn't even a prospect in this cycle. Jefferson (Ga.) linebacker Sammy Brown‍, is the No. 8 rated prospect in the Class of 2024 according to the On3 Consensus.

The 6-foot-2, 225-pounder updated Inside the Gators about his trip to Gainesville.


  • This was Brown's first time visiting the University of Florida and meeting with the Gators’ coaching staff.
  • In meeting with the players, Brown said he spoke mostly with Florida freshman quarterback Max Brown, who told him he has plenty of time before he has to make a decision and that he should think hard and be confident in his decision before making a choice.


On his impression of Napier: "He went to the same college [Furman] as both of my parents, so I can kinda base his personality and view on things as similar to that of my parents. They had a lot of connections with friends of friends and whatnot. My dad and Coach [Billy] Napier both played football [for Furman], just not at the same time."

His thoughts on Florida’s soon-to-be-unveiled football facility: "We were able to tour the facilities and look at the new facilities that they’re building. That place is going to be unbelievable. It’s going to have all the bells and whistles that every place has."

The message from Florida's staff: "We spent most of the day with Coach [Jay] Bateman, he mostly showed us around and gave us our introductions. He really likes me as a player and as a person. That’s kinda what Coach Napier had to say too. I’m a great player and a great person."

The main takeaway from the visit: "I really like what Coach Napier is doing down there. Not only with the football program but with the community too. I saw a painting that said “In Napier We Trust” so he is having a great influence on The University of Florida. They really love him."

On the possibility of an early leaderboard: "No, I haven’t even really thought about narrowing it down yet. Probably by this time next year is when I’ll have a top school."


According to Brown, Napier sent his parents off with a FU All the Time. No, it wasn't an R-rated outburst or something that might land him on TMZ or World Star. It's Furman-related. Actually, Napier received a big laugh about it when he explained at the Gator Gathering in Lakeland earlier this spring that his mother didn't like the chant.

"FU one time, FU two times, FU three times, FU all the time.”



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