Inside the Gators: Mock Signing Class 8.0

Nov 2, 2022 | 1 comment

The biggest question on the mind of those who follow recruiting religiously is what will Florida’s final class look like?

How will it all shake out?

The truth is, no one knows for sure.

Not Billy Napier, not his staff, not you and to be clear, neither do I. There are too many variables in play. Multiple prospects, injuries, transfers, wins, losses new hires, new firings, etc…

You name it, and it could cause a prospect to look at a program differently – which in turn could throw everything into turmoil.

However, what we can do is we can draw on what we currently know to at least give the membership a pretty good idea of where things currently stand.



As of today, there are just under TWO MONTHS remaining until the start of the early signing period in late December and exactly THREE MONTHS remaining until National Signing Day 2023.

Florida has 22 public commitments and with attrition and additional signings on the way from the Transfer Portal, it’s impossible to put a number on how big the class will be. However, as a baseline, we’ll say that there will be room for 25 high school signees overall.

The first Wednesday of every month from now until Signing Day Inside the Gators will post a mock class – consisting of the prospects they believe would sign with Florida if TODAY were National Signing Day.


Note: The need at each position is based on the current roster numbers, but that will change after post-spring attrition as well as any new additions via the transfer portal.

Quarterback (0-1)

  • Marcus Stokes

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: None ‍
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: None 
Bottom Line: Nothing has changed here. Florida received a commitment from Marcus Stokes in late summer and that brought to an end recruiting at the position. Now, while Stokes looked good playing 7-on-7 during the Gators’ summer tournament, he has had a subpar senior season statistically speaking. If Anthony Richardson leaves, that leaves UF with a quarterback room consisting of Jack Miller, Jalen Kitna, Max Brown, and Stokes – hardly a top-tier group. If Richardson declares early, does Florida have to hit the transfer portal again?

Running Back (1-2)

  • Treyaun Webb

Solid as a Rock:  None
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: Cedric Baxter Jr. 
Change from Before: None 
The Bottom Line: There’s been no real movement here since Florida gained Treyaun Webb’s pledge. Both Cedric Baxter Jr. (Texas), and Richard Young (Alabama) have visited for games, but neither has backed off their current commitments.

Wide Receiver (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: Aidan Mizell
One to Watch: Andy Jean
Dream Signee: Aidan Mizell‍ 
Change from Before: Removed Creed Whittemore from the class after he flipped to Mississippi State 
The Bottom Line: Though this is the second month in a row that we’ve included Tyree Patterson in the class, it’s still worth watching to see if UCF makes a push. With Florida losing one Gainesville (Fla.) Buchholz receiver in Whittemore, could they try to replace him with another Bobcat in Jaren Hamilton – who Florida liked over the summer, but has yet to offer. Once again we have Andy Jean as the OTW because he does want to visit other schools, and just missed a flight on a scheduled visit to Texas A&M.

Tight End (0-1)

  • None  

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Jack Yary ‍  
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: None
The Bottom Line: Make it five in a row. Florida isn’t in the running for any high school tight ends for the fifth month in a row, but as we have been posting since July, Jack Yary is one to keep an eye on as a transfer portal addition.

Offensive Line (4-5)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Keyshawn Blackstock
Dream Signee: Roderick Kearney
Change from Before: Added Roderick Kearney to the class after he flipped from Florida State to Florida
The Bottom Line: JUCO Keyshawn Blackstock continues to receive offer after offer and has yet to set a visit with Florida. Unless something happens soon on that front, he may not be on the board for long. Caden Jones, who camped with UF over the summer and told Inside the Gators he will officially visit in December is one of the few prospects remaining. Locally, Lakeland (Fla.) linemen Devin Vass said that Florida was talking to him before he broke his ankle, but have backed off since. His teammate Gernorris Wilson backed off his Auburn commitment this week. He has visited UF a few times, but hasn’t been offered.

Defensive Tackle (4-5)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: John Walker
Dream Signee: James Smith ‍
Change from Before: Added John Walker to the Mock Class
The Bottom Line: Even though he sent out some Gator-related tweets, I still haven’t added Will Norman back to the Mock Class.  With Kayden McDonald off the board with his commitment to Ohio State, Florida is still in pursuit of John Walker, Jordan Hall, and James Smith – with Walker as the most likely. The Gators did offer JUCO Elijah Davis, but he hasn’t answered my message in order to find out where UF stands.

Defensive End (3)

Solid as a Rock: Gavin Hill
One to Watch: Isaiah Nixon ‍ ‍
Dream Signee: Qua Russaw
Change from Before: Removed Keon Keeley from OTW and DS. Made Isaiah Nixon the OTW and Qua Russaw the DS. Then removed Gavin Hill as SAAR
The Bottom Line: There’s a lot of movement at the position as commits Isaiah Nixon (Southern Cal) and TJ Searcy (Tennessee) could be taking visits elsewhere in December. Also, with the flip of Creed Whittemore to MSU and the lack of use for brother Trent Whittemore, you have to wonder how that impacts Gavin Hill, who is coached by their father and plays with Creed. Five-star Qua Russaw visited Florida two weeks ago for the LSU game, but UF will have to wait out official visits to Alabama and Ohio State – as well as a trip this weekend to see UGA-TN play.

Linebacker (1-2)

  • Jaden Robinson

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Jayvant Brown
Dream Signee: Grayson Howard
Change from Before: Added Jayvant Brown as OTW
The Bottom Line: We’re still watching Grayson Howard to see if anything happens with his pledge to South Carolina, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also, Michigan four-star commit Jayvant Brown told Inside the Gators that he plans on officially visiting Florida in December. Then, there’s four-star Michigan State commit Jordan Hall, who visited Florida for the LSU game, but didn’t want to talk about his status when asked.

Safety (2-3)

Solid as a Rock:  None 
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: N‍one
Change from Before: Added Bryce Thornton to the Mock Class
The Bottom Line: As long as Aaron Gates stays solid, don’t expect much movement at the position over these last couple of months.

Cornerback (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Ja’Keem Jackson
Dream Signee: Desmond Ricks
Change from Before: Removed Cormani McClain from the Mock Class after he committed to Miami. Added Dijon Johnson to the Mock Class after he committed to Florida. Made Ja’Keem Jackson the OTW after his visit to Kentucky. Made Desmond Ricks the DS after he reclassified from 2024 to 2023
The Bottom Line: This has been one hell of a memorable month at the position. Not long after our October Mock Class ran, Dijon Johnson announced his commitment date, where he of course pledged to the Gators. Then came the bad news. In a shocker, Cormani McClain picked Miami over Florida.  Also over the last month commit Sharif Denson visited Miami unofficially and told Inside the Gators that the Hurricanes contact him every day. He also said he will officially visit UF in December. Then, to cap it off, Desmond Ricks reclassified to the Class of 2023.

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