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We get a lot of questions about the [*SITENAME*] Premium. Have you been wondering about any of these in particular?

“I can get news and updates for [*SCHOOLNAME*] sports from plenty of free sites. Why should I pay for it here?”

We believe there are three main reasons why [*SITENAME*] Premium is worth paying for:

  • Our business is owned and operated by [*SCHOOLNAME*] alumni, independent of the big recruiting networks.
  • We’ve built a team that features some of the top insiders in the [*SCHOOLNAME*] market
  • We pride ourselves on bringing you the most accurate news and analysis out there on [*SCHOOLNAME*] athletics and recruiting

But don’t just take our word for it. Start your Premium subscription for just $1.

“If I don’t want to continue my Premium subscription, is it easy to cancel so I don’t keep getting charged?”

Absolutely. You can turn off auto-renew with the single click of a button from your account page. No hoops. No phone calls. No guilt trips.

If you have any other questions about our [*SITENAME*] Premium subscription, just hit reply on this email and someone from our team can help you out. And if you’re ready to give our Premium content and insider access a try, you can do that today using the link below.

Start a Premium trial for $1

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