Buy, Sell, Hold: Florida's On3 Consensus five-star targets

May 10, 2022 | 0 comments

In this edition of Buy, Sell or Hold, Inside the Gators takes an in-depth look at the 10 On3 Consensus five-star prospects who are being mentioned with Florida.

The criteria mostly being where the Gators currently stand with them as well as the direction in which their recruiting is trending.

To be perfectly clear, a Sell Order doesn’t always mean we believe Florida has no chance at a prospect, just as a Buy Order doesn’t mean it is a given that they will sign with the Gators.

This market, just like the stock market, can be volatile and this is all just a snapshot in time.

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No. 1 Quarterback Arch Manning‍ 

After the hype had died down of Florida actually even remotely being a legitimate candidate – Manning‍ fanned the flames on Monday by saying he hoped to take a one-day unofficial visit to Gainesville, on the same day he talked about taking official visits elsewhere. If you are a member of the Gator Nation go ahead and unload whatever stock you have left in him while the iron is still hot and the possibility of a courtesy visit is still in play. 


No. 3 Cornerback Cormani McClain‍ 

If you are a smart investor, you’ll jump all over the stock of McClain‍ like he’s the Apple IPO back in the 80s. Nothing is a given in recruiting, and officially he is still sitting on the top seven he released back in February, but from speaking with him directly as well as some of those around him when I visited campus two weeks ago, Florida will have to mess this up down the stretch for him not to end up in Orange & Blue. 
""No. 8 Quarterback Dante Moore‍ 
Florida was never mentioned with Moore‍ before he set foot on campus this spring as part of a recruiting tour and hasn’t been mentioned since. Yes, getting a visit out of a top kid is always positive, but in this case, it hasn't led to him becoming a top Florida target.
""No. 9 Defensive End Keon Keeley‍ 
Last fall, when it looked like a one-on-one battle between Notre Dame and Florida for Keeley‍, you had to like the Gators' chances a little more than you do right now. Florida hosted Keeley on campus in the spring, but Alabama has entered the picture. Can UF get him back on campus over the summer or for a game or two this fall is the question?
""No. 10 Offensive Tackle Francis Mauigoa
Even after he visited for a game last year and then returned this spring for the first time, I still wasn't giving Florida much of a chance when it comes to five-star offensive tackle Mauigoa. However, after he made a return trip last month and now has an IMG linemate (Knijeah Harris‍) at Florida, though the Gators aren’t the favorite, you have to believe that they are at least in better shape than they were a few months ago and their chances are improving.
""No. 12 Safety Caleb Downs‍ 
Much like with Moore above, Downs visited Florida as part of a group (this time his 7-v-7 squad) touring multiple campuses. He hadn’t mentioned the Gators before the visit and he hasn’t inserted UF in his top group since the visit.

No. 18 Receiver Jalen Brown‍ 

Brown made it to campus last year under the previous staff and then he visited with the same college tour as Moore above. However, unlike Moore, Florida should get Brown back on campus this summer and/or fall. While the Gators may not be a favorite here, we’ll hold on to his stock until we see what happens on the visit front.

No. 21 Cornerback Tony Mitchell‍ 

If we had published this update immediately after he visited Florida back in March there's no question Mitchell would have received a Buy Order but change is the only constant when it comes to recruiting and though Florida is still a top option, watch out for multiple other programs, especially Alabama.

No. 23 Defensive Tackle Peter Woods‍ 

As we clearly state at the very top, a Buy Order doesn't indicate we believe that Florida is leading. In the case of Woods, that's nowhere near the reality of the situation. He receives a Buy Order because he says he will visit in June. Then again, he was going to visit in the spring and didn't make it in – so perhaps a Hold Order would have been more appropriate until he actually makes it in.
""No. 25 Running Back Richard Young‍ 
Florida has made him an absolute priority, maybe even the top back on their board and in return he has visited the campus and continued to show interest in the Gators. UF having Jamar Chaney on staff (his cousin is Young’s head coach) certainly helps, but it doesn’t feel like it is going to be enough. I have spoken with Young face-to-face a few times, and he has always given off the vibe of being more interested in heading out-of-state. Until I hear differently from him, I would sell, sell, sell.


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