Over the spring Florida played host to 70 four and five star prospects

May 5, 2022 | 0 comments

When determining where a prospect’s heart truly lies, it is as important to factor in where he visits as it is to what he actually has to say. With that in mind, by our count, over the months of March and April, Florida played host to 70 prospects from the Class of 2023 who are rated as either a four-star or five-star by the On3 Consensus.

Today, Inside the Gators takes a closer look at them by position. 


  • Five-star Dante Moore
  • Four-star Eli Holstein
  • Four-star Dylan Lonergan

The Skinny: While it is important to pay attention to where a prospect visits, it is just as relevant to keep in mind how that visit came to be in the first place. A prospect taking a campus visit as part of a group touring multiple campuses doesn't have the same impact as it would if he and his family visited on their own. Thus, while getting Dante Moore on campus so that the coaches can meet with him was positive, the fact that he only came because it was part of a road trip touring multiple campuses diminishes it considerably. Despite that visit, as of now, Florida isn't a factor for him.   


  • Five-star Richard Young
  • Four-star Cedric Baxter Jr.
  • Four-star Justice Haynes
  • Four-star Sam Singleton
  • Four-star Treyaun Webb

The Skinny:  Here is an instance of where because of multiple visits over the last two months Florida's new staff has become a much bigger factor with former Florida State commit Cedric Baxter. On the other hand, despite his making a couple of trips to campus, the Gators are still a long shot to land Richard Young.


  • Five-star Jalen Brown
  • Five-star Christian Hamilton
  • Four-star Andy Jean
  • Four-star Aidan Mizell
  • Four-star Traylon Ray
  • Four-star Bryson Rodgers (Ohio State)
  • Four-star Daquayvious Sorey
  • Four-star Hykeem Williams
  • Four-star Tyler Williams
  • Four-star Eugene Wilson

The Skinny:  It took some time and a new coaching staff, but UF finally got around to offering legacy prospect Aidan Mizell, and hosted him on campus twice in two months. The coaches also had Eugene Wilson on campus twice in the spring, and not surprisingly, he is another receiver that UF is in good shape with at the moment. It is also interesting that his first visit to Florida wasn't enough to move the Gators into the top eight of Hykeem Williams, but a return trip helped improve UF's chances.


  • Four-star Jelani Thurman

The Skinny:  If you want some insight as to why the outlook at the position is so bleak this cycle, look no further than the visits. Florida was simply unable to get many top end tight ends to visit campus over the last two months.


  • Five-star Francis Mauigoa
  • Four-star Wilkin Formby 
  • Four-star Monroe Freeling 
  • Four-star Knijeah Harris
  • Four-star Bo Hughley (Georgia)
  • Four-star Caden Jones
  • Four-star Roderick Kearney
  • Four-star Payton Kirkland
  • Four-star Samuel Pendleton (Notre Dame)
  • Four-star Lucas Simmons
  • Four-star Kelton Smith

The Skinny:  This is a position where Florida may not have to leave the state to fill its needs this cycle. Much like with Baxter and Williams above, it was a return trip to Florida that helped the Gators gain momentum with Lucas Simmons – to the point they are the early favorites heading into the summer. Two trips also helped UF solidify itself in the top group of Francis Mauigoa, but there's still a lot of work to do there.


  • Five-star Samuel M’Pemba
  • Five-star Keon Keeley (Notre Dame)
  • Four-star Vic Burley
  • Four-star Keldric Faulk
  • Four-star Gabriel Harris (Georgia)
  • Four-star Gavin Hill
  • Four-star AJ Hoffler
  • Four-star Cam Lendhart
  • Four-star Tomarrion Parker
  • Four-star TJ Searcy
  • Four-star Rico Walker

The Skinny:  Spring visits from prospects at this position turned into a mixed bag. Two visits from Samuel M’Pemba helped UF to stay in the running for his services, but it's never felt like the Gators were at the top of his board. On the other hand, his visit in April certainly helped move Florida up the leaderboard of Keldric Faulk, who was last on campus for a June summer camp session two years ago.


  • Four-star Rueben Bain
  • Four-star Kyran Bourda
  • Four-star Jordan Hall
  • Four-star Zavion Hardy
  • Four-star Kamran James
  • Four-star Derrick LeBlanc
  • Four-star Xzavier McLeod
  • Four-star Will Norman
  • Four-star Hunter Osborne
  • Four-star John Walker

The Skinny:  Much like the offensive line above, Florida could fill their needs without leaving the Sunshine State. Prospects such as Kamran James and Jordan Hall visiting campus multiple times helps UF’s chances, but they have also seen their national profile rise with some big offers.


  • Four-star Raul Aguirre
  • Four-star Troy Bowles
  • Four-star Malik Bryant
  • Four-star Lewis Carter
  • Four-star Jordan Hall
  • Four-star Grayson Howard
  • Four-star Jaden Robinson
  • Four-star Raylen Wilson (Michigan)

The Skinny:  There was some talent brought in over the last two months, but are kids like Raylen Wilson and Lewis Carter really a take at linebacker? 


  • Five-star Caleb Downs
  • Five-star AJ Harris
  • Five-star Cormani McClain
  • Five-star Tony Mitchell
  • Four-star Joenel Aguero
  • Four-star Sharif Denson
  • Four-star Aaron Gates (Florida)
  • Four-star Dijon Johnson (Ohio State)
  • Four-star Kayin Lee
  • Four-star Terrance Love (Auburn)
  • Four-star Robert Stafford

The Skinny:  With what is on the board, it would take a sudden downward turn for Florida to fail to meet their needs at cornerback this cycle, but the Gators could stand to get a few more top end safeties on campus over the summer and into the fall.

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