Three simple words describe UF's message to four-star

Apr 3, 2022 | 0 comments

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Why Not Florida.

If you are a member of the Gator Nation who was on Twitter Saturday evening you saw your timeline inundated with those three simple words.

If you were logged on, it was impossible to ignore or avoid.

Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian four-star running back Treyaun Webb‍ created a firestorm when he asked the question, Why Not Florida?

“That's kind of been the message of how I'm being recruited by Florida,” was Webb's reply when asked about the meaning behind the tweet. “This new staff is going to recruit the state of Florida hard, so why not go to Florida? They're in my backyard and they have everything I need. They have the fans, the legacy, the NIL, the ability to play for a great coaching staff, and like I said, it's the hometown team. Who wouldn't want to play for their home team? You can't get the same kind of love anywhere else that you can get from your own hometown people. I have everything I need here in my backyard, so why not Florida?”

That mindset boiled down to a three-word tweet, in turn, resulted in staff member after staff member, player after player, and Florida fan after Florida fan joining in the fun.

The reaction isn't something that went unnoticed by Webb.

“It showed that they mean it when they say that they need me and I'm a priority. It's little stuff like that, you know what I mean, it shows how much they love recruiting. The old staff really wasn't into recruiting like this staff right here.”
– Treyaun Webb

“I tweeted it out, sat my phone down, and was eating some Zaxbys when I got a phone call – they were like, 'Check your timeline' and when I hit refresh, all I could see up and down it was ‘Why Not Florida’. It was everywhere. I said, 'Woah!' That was crazy.”

That small gesture, from what looked to be the entire Florida on and off-the-field staff, is what Webb believes sets them apart.

“It showed that they mean it when they say that they need me and I'm a priority,” said Webb. “It's little stuff like that, you know what I mean, it shows how much they love recruiting. The old staff really wasn't into recruiting like this staff right here. They really believe in getting kids from Florida to go get a National Championship. It isn't all about football. I was sitting around kicking it with all the coaches, not just Coach [Jabbar] Juluke, the position coach. We were in there kicking it with Coach [Jay] Bateman, Coach Mike Peterson, Coach [Corey] Raymond, Coach [Jamar] Chaney, chill’n and talking about life like you would if you were at home.”

A week ago Webb released a top five consisting of Baylor, Florida, Penn State, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Are all five of them equal is the question.

The 6-foot-1, 205-pounder said that he had to force himself to set aside the emotions he feels on his visits to Florida, and make a big picture decision.

When asked if one or two stood out above the crowd, Webb paused (not for effect) a time or two, before replying, “I would say, I would say they are all about the same right now.”

The reason for that is that Webb wants to give each of his five finalists a fair shot.

“I've been to Florida so many times and now I have to step back and see what all of them have to offer,” said Webb. “I haven't been to Baylor, I've been to Tennessee once years ago and I've been to Penn State once and South Carolina. I want to go on these official visits then make a decision.”

According to Webb, Florida will get the first crack at him.

“What I'm going to do is go to Florida on that June 4th weekend and move Baylor to a mid-week visit,” said Webb. “Penn State is on the 11th, Tennessee is the 18th, and South Carolina is the 25th.” 

He will utilize the official visits to do homework on his five finalists.

“My mentality is that every school in my top five, I can see myself being there,” explained Webb. “Each of them brings something different to the table from the ability to play early, to profiting off of NIL, life after football connections, networking, fanbases. All of them have pros and cons that I have to factor into my choice.”

According to Webb he hopes to make his decision in July.

Webb is the No. 155 rated prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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