Getting to Know: Running Back Signee Trevor Etienne

Feb 26, 2022 | 0 comments

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One of the early standout recruits under Billy Napier’s revamped Florida Gators, leaving home to blaze his own trail in the Swamp, running back Trevor Etienne‍ joined the Gators as a part of the Louisiana fusion that looks to bring the heat back to Gainesville.

Inside the Gators got to know the man under the helmet in this edition of Getting to Know.


What’s so special about the new Florida staff?
“The family feeling, they definitely make you feel at home. For me, it’s that Louisiana culture that they bring too. So, that’s big for me.”

I know there’s a lot of guys coming over from Louisiana, there’s a big home influence. How does that make you feel?
“I mean a couple of those guys I already knew. So, it’s just having that sense of normalcy when I get there. Being around guys I know — being knowing for a while now. It’s really just creating that home feeling.”

Your brother, Travis Etienne, played at Clemson. LSU meant home. Why did the Florida hat get picked at the All-American bowl?
“Florida is where I see myself for the next three to four years of my life. I mean, I have nothing but love for Clemson. But I wanted to see something new for myself. I didn’t pick LSU because I wanted to get out of Louisiana and experience something new.”

How big of a role did your brother play in coming to Florida?
“He didn’t care where I went. He was like ‘this is your decision. You have to live with it. If you’re rocking, we’re rolling wherever you want to go. It’s all up to you, we’re 100% behind you.’”

You were at the UF-FSU game, how big was that win in your recruiting process?
“Definitely big. That really showed me a lot. Being that Florida didn’t have the best season and just to show how the stadium was packed. That really showed me a lot.”

You were a part of the team that took Jennings to the Louisiana 3A state championship game as a sophomore, what did that mean to you?
“That meant the world to me. Honestly, it’s just what every player dreams of, to get to the championship after working all season. Unfortunately, we came up short but still got the experience.”

What’s your favorite part of waking up every day as a Florida Gator?
“Just being able to put a smile on other people’s faces. Just being able to have a positive impact in the world.”

Who are your guys in the locker room?
“I’m cool with Montrell [Johnson], Chief [Borders], Donovan [McMillon]. I know Chris [McClellan], Devin [Moore]. A lot of guys.”

What team are you most looking forward to playing against?
“LSU at home. Like LSU in Death Valley. I have a lot of friends and family that go to LSU and my family is from here. So, they’ll be able to come out and watch. It’s pretty much a home game for me.”




Would you rather be on the receiving end of a 100-yard touchdown bomb or run for a 50-yard touchdown?
“Definitely catch. Nowadays running backs have to be able to catch out of the backfield. That’ll show you can track the ball well. Pretty much just tells a lot the type of player you are.”

What’s your favorite quality in a teammate?
“Being able to trust them. Being able to trust that they’ll do their job so that I don’t have to be worried about the bad, the negative. Where I can just focus on the positive and everyone having my back and I have theirs.”

Five national championships with the Gators or one Superbowl?
“Oh, that’s tough. You know what though, definitely with the Gators.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“That’s hard, I’ve done a lot of stuff.”

”I want to go to Dubai.”
”Own a Koenigsegg agera r.”
”Fly an airplane.”

What’s your favorite movie of all time?
“Princess and the Frog. I just grew up watching it and love it, the Louisiana culture.”

What’s your favorite character in the movie?
“Definitely Ray. He’s just the funny guy. The Cajun out of the bayou.”

Are you really social before a game or are you more of a headphones-on guy?
“I like spreading the positive energy throughout the locker room. So, I’ll try to get the team hyped. Then, once it’s really game time I put my headphones on and lock-in.”

If you could spend an entire day with anyone in history who would that be?
“Iggy Azalea. No, she was my celebrity crush. But right now, I’m going to go with Zendaya.”

What’s your first purchase as an NFL draftee?
“I honestly can’t look that far. Probably a house. Probably not even a house. Just like a living space for myself.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“Hopefully…with a whole lot of money. Living life correctly and still on the path that God has set me on.”

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