Getting to Know: Defensive Back Signee Miguel Mitchell

Feb 7, 2022 | 0 comments

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“Intelligent. Focused. Motivated.”

Those were the words Florida Football tweeted to present Miguel Mitchell‍ as an integral part of #UFuture.

The addition of Mitchell, along with Devin Moore and Kamari Wilson, will provide the Gators with an electric secondary hellbent on bringing back the chomp to the Florida defense.

Inside the Gators got a glimpse at the man underneath the helmet in this edition of Getting to Know.


When did you first start playing safety? Why safety?
“I started playing safety my junior year in high school. I always played receiver, that’s what I played first. Then, I got flipped to the defensive side my junior year just because I was always one of those athletic guys that could play everywhere. So, they flipped me to the defensive side because that’s what we needed.”

Do you prefer being a hard-hitting safety or a ball-playing hawk kind of safety?
“I like ball playing. But I like to do a little bit of both.”

It came down to UF and Tennessee, what ended up giving Florida the edge?
“Really just the staff and my connection with the players, that was the main thing.”

Anyone in particular?
“Toney, Raymond, and then with the players Donovan (McMillon). He was just telling me about what it’s been like since everyone has gotten there.”

On a scale of 1-10 How big was coach Napier in your decision?

Would you rather have perfect man coverage or perfect zone coverage?

Who are you most excited to play with on the defense?
“I’m going to probably go with ‘Scooby’ (Williams) because he’s from ‘Bama’.”

Is there a part of your game you’re most excited to improve at Florida?
”I’ll probably say my zone. Probably the one thing I’d like to clean up.”

2019 Alabama 6A Football State Champion, how was that experience?
“It was amazing. That was like our first championship in like 26 years. So, we brought a championship back. I was playing slot receiver that season.”

Maybe Florida has to try you at the slot.
“I can do it.”

What’s the one team you can’t wait to play against in a Florida jersey?
“Auburn. Yeah, because I have some boys down there. That would be a good game.”




How did the “M&M” nickname come about?
“When I was little in tee-ball, my very first coach, when he brought me out, he named me ‘M&M’ because of my initials. I never really liked it at first but it kind of grew on me.”

Has M&M reached out yet?
“Not yet, but hopefully soon. We’re working on it.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“Winning a ‘natty.’”
“Make it to the league, that’s second.”
“Then getting my dream car, that’s probably my third.”

What’s your dream car?

Would that be your first purchase if you were drafted by the NFL?

If you had a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
“Zendaya. I’ve always had a crush on Zendaya. It’s old but it’s new.”

What’s your favorite music?

Favorite food?
“Pasta. I’ll go with lasagna.”

What’s one thing you love about Gainesville?
“I like the town, like the setup of it. It’s like a nice college town. When I stepped on I was like ‘this is a nice college town.’ I don’t go to Tuscaloosa all the time but it’s kind of like that feel, a nice college town.”

If you could do any Gator uniform combo, what would it be?
“The one I wore, the all-orange. It was tough.”

Do you play baseball?

What position?
“Centerfield and I pitch.”

What’s that fastball looking like?

Maybe you’ve got to get in at quarterback.
“I used to play quarterback a little bit.”

Katie Turner, is she as good as advertised?
“She is, she’s very good.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
“Five years from now I see myself winning Rookie of the Year in the league.”

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