Final state of Florida prospect rankings – Gators come up well short

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Now that spring practice is about to kick off at high schools around the nation over the next several weeks, now is a good time to take a closer look at the consensus top 50 prospects in the Sunshine State

It goes without saying that in most cases the 247 Sports Composite is the most accurate barometer, except when there is such a small sample size (three services) and one ranking – if it is far enough off the norm – can throw a wrench in the works.

As for the three services this cycle, early on I found myself most in agreement with ESPN, but here in the end, I would say 247 had the most accurate rankings. That is mostly because they are the service that best covers the state. They had an analyst at two Florida camps (Elite and FNL) and the in-state camps, combines, and 7v7 tournaments.

No other service can say that.

On3 rankings are included, but they are not part of the 247 Sports Composite.

1DEShemar Stewart‍ 1252TA&M
2DLGabriel Brownlow-Dindy‍ 2194TA&M
3DEJihaad Campbell‍  ‍ 36411BAMA
4DEMarvin Jones Jr.‍ 51136UGA
5CBJaheim Singletary‍  85212UGA
6CBDaylen Everette‍ ‍ 4789UGA
7SKamari Wilson‍ 941123UF
8S@Sam Mcc">Sam McCall‍ ‍ 681025FSU
9DTBear Alexander‍ Included in Texas rankingsUGA
10OTTyler Booker‍  ‍ 73183BAMA
11DEKenyatta Jackson‍ 131265OSU
12SKeon Sabb‍  12131713MICH
13DENyjalik Kelly‍ 11151914MIA
14AthAzareyeh Thomas‍  17181422FSU
15TEJaleel Skinner‍ 15142016MIA
16CBEarl Little Jr.‍ 1026158BAMA
17AthAmari Niblack‍   1437167BAMA
18OTJulian Armella‍ 36211243FSU
19RBKaytron Allen‍ 22202221PSU
20CB@Chris G">Chris Graves‍  18175118MIA
21QBAJ Duffy‍ 27103138FSU
22WRJayden Gibson‍ 30331027OKL
23LBW‍esley Bissainthe 23242426MIA
24LBDeMario Tolan‍ ‍ 35252635LSU
25CBJacolby Spells 20199339WVU
26WRCJ Smith‍ ‍ 49164750UGA
27DTIsaiah Hastings‍ 19613410BAMA
28CBTrevell Mullen ‍ 47234060IU
29CBDevin Moore‍ 311132111UF
30DEMario Eugenio 72272942CIN
31STre Donaldson‍ 48294256AUB
32DT@Dominick">Dominick James‍ 59303564IU
33CB@Cameron Mil">Cameron Miller‍ 21497730PSU
34SMarkeith Williams‍ ‍ 28315932MIA
35DLZane Durant41343647PSU
36TETony Livingston‍  882844133UF
37RBTerrance Gibbs‍     GSU
38SJaCorey Thomas‍ 34595368UGA
39WRDevaughn Mortimer39573246LOU
40CBRyan Turner‍ 65912558OSU
41WRG‍reg Gaines 33683762ISU
42RBJaylon Glover‍ 73822387UTAH
43AthKye Stokes‍  40563337OSU
44OTAliou Bah‍ 50852731UGA
45CBNikai Martinez‍  46594375UCF
46DEDante Anderson823546URFSU
47SJaylin Marshall‍ 63328391GT
48DTJamari Lyons‍ 26627015UF
49DT@Brandon Cl">Brandon Cleveland‍ 644052URNCST
50WRAmarion Brown68664377Rut



#7Kamari Wilson‍ 941123
#29Devin Moore‍ ‍ 311132111
#36Tony Livingston‍ 882844113
#48Jamari Lyons‍ 26627015
#55@Jack Py">Jack Pyburn‍ 699756120
#134David Conner‍ 1861898571
The number of times they are the outlier1202
The number of times they ranked the commit highest0213
The number of times they ranked the commit lowest0312

The lone positive in-state for Florida this cycle was finally inking Kamari Wilson, a prospect from powerhouse Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy. Other than that though, it’s bleak to put it nicely.

Even when taking into account the late start by the new staff, it’s hard to explain away signing only one of the top 25 prospects instate, and but three of the top 50. 

As for their own transition classes instate, Dan Mullen was able to sign five of the top 38, Jim McElwain nabbed two of the top four while Will Muschamp signed four of the top 17.

There is however a caveat, those classes were prior to the implementation of the early signing period.

Making Florida’s instate shortcomings even worse is how well the rest of the SEC did in the Sunshine State, where Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M combined to sign eight of the top 10 prospects in Florida.

Billy Napier made it clear on National Signing Day that he and his staff were making Florida their No. 1 priority. 

We’ll see what kind of dividends that focus pays going forward.




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