Fearless Forecast: Predicting where targets will sign

Feb 1, 2022 | 0 comments

With 36 hours remaining before Letters of Intent start streaming into Florida's football office Inside the Gators takes a final look at the targets on the board, and predicts where they will sign on Wednesday

 DJ Allen‍ Wide Reciever""

Finalists: Florida and TCU

On the Mark: Leaving Florida on Sunday, he didn’t give much of a hint as to where he was leaning, and when contacted Monday night, he didn't share any further info. He, his father, and brother were all smiles at the airport, but is that one visit alone going to be enough to pull him away from the school closer to home? It doesn’t feel like it. We’ll know one way or the other Tuesday at 1 p.m.

The Breakdown: Florida 40%
Final Forecast: TCU
Confidence: Low 

Arlis Boardingham‍ ‍ Athlete""

Finalists: Florida and Oregon

On the Mark: I had a chance to speak with him face to face on his visit two weeks ago, but haven’t talked to him since he was at Oregon over the weekend. Leaving Gainesville, I would have had no qualms about putting in a prediction for the Gators, and that is still the case, but my confidence level isn't quite as high.

The Breakdown: Florida 50.1%
Final Forecast: Florida
Confidence: Low 

TreVonte Citizen‍ ‍ Running Back""

Finalists: Auburn, Florida, LSU, and Miami

On the Mark: After shuffling them around his visit list, he had to rearrange things to be able to fit Florida in for a mid-week visit. When you have to fight to land a visit in the first place, even if you knock it out of the park on the visit, that doesn't exactly bode well for your chances. I was thinking Auburn, but they just lost their offensive coordinator earlier today. Perhaps that gives LSU an opening? Regardless, it’s likely someone other than UF.

The Breakdown: Florida 10%
Final Forecast: Auburn
Confidence: Low 

 Caleb Douglas‍ Wide Reciever""

Finalists: Florida, LSU, and Oregon

On the Mark: Heading into his official visit to Florida, he had the Gators as his top choice, and leaving his weekend visit, he said that Florida was 'winning' the recruiting battle for him. I don't believe Oregon is a player here, so the question is, how much did his visit to LSU this past weekend impact his decision?

The Breakdown: Florida 50.1%
Final Forecast: Florida
Confidence: Medium

Jalen Farmer‍  ‍ Offensive Line""

Finalists: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Kentucky

On the Mark: Even though he remained committed to Florida, I haven’t included him in our Mock Signing Class for months. Even under the previous staff, it felt like he was looking for a reason to go elsewhere, and though I do believe he enjoyed his visit two weeks ago, it wasn't enough to solidify him. Especially after Alabama offered.

The Breakdown: Florida 25%
Final Forecast: Alabama
Confidence: Low 

Danny Lewis‍ ‍  Tight End""

Finalists: Alabama, Florida, and LSU

On the Mark: If they were to offer, LSU was always the team to watch out for here, and once they did, it was all but a foregone conclusion that it is where he would end up. Now, maybe the offer and visit with Alabama changed things up, but he won’t be wearing the Orange & Blue.

The Breakdown: Florida 10%
Final Forecast: LSU
Confidence: Low 

Jacoby Mathews‍ ‍  Safety""

Finalists: Florida, LSU, and Texas A&M

On the Mark: Though he said that Texas A&M was still in the running, this is really a Florida-LSU battle. Give the new staff credit, they brought the Gators back from the brink here, but his weekend visit to Baton Rouge likely sealed the deal for the Tigers.

The Breakdown: Florida 49%
Final Forecast: LSU
Confidence: Low 

 Matthew McCoy‍ Offensive Lineman""

Finalists: Florida and Miami

On the Mark: Though I spoke with him Sunday evening after he returned home from his weekend in Gainesville, it didn't sound like the Gators were a factor for him so I didn't write it up. He did have good things to say about new offensive line analyst Cheston Blackshear, who is from Jacksonville, saying he spent most of his time over the weekend around him. It didn’t sound like he spent much time with actual offensive line coach Rob Sale and spoke of making his choice based on small classroom size and potential NIL deals. In short, he sounded like he is headed to Miami.

The Breakdown: Florida 5%
Final Forecast: Miami
Confidence: High

Harold Perkins‍ ‍  Linebacker""

Finalists: Florida, LSU, and Texas A&M

On the Mark: If anyone tries to tell you with any confidence that they know what Perkins is going to do, they are kidding themselves or lying to you. When was leaving his Florida official visit I asked him several questions about where he stood, only to have him brush off the questions. He simply doesn’t give up anything. I do believe Florida made it close, but in the end, he is probably (but I won't say likely) headed to Baton Rouge. Though, and this isn't trying to play both sides of the fence, it wouldn't shock me if it was Florida. 

The Breakdown: Florida 35%
Final Forecast: LSU
Confidence: Low 

@Jack Py">Jack Pyburn‍ ‍ Defensive Lineman""

Finalists: Auburn, Florida, and Miami

On the Mark: When I talked to him Friday he could hardly contain the fact that Florida was bringing him in for a visit, and then, of course, the tweet he sent out when he was offered said it all. Florida is his dream school. If he didn't already have an agreement in place to air his announcement on CBS Tuesday, he would probably already be on Florida's commitment list.

The Breakdown: Florida 99%
Final Forecast: Florida
Confidence: High

 Caden Story‍  Defensive Lineman""

Finalists: Auburn, Clemson, and Florida

On the Mark: Going into the weekend I would have called Clemson a slam dunk choice, but Florida made a move on him by showing him how they would utilize him. It doesn't hurt that he was impressed by the football facility that’s being built. I’m going to pick the Tigers this evening, but it wouldn't shock me if Florida pulled one out of its hat here.

The Breakdown: Florida 45%
Final Forecast: Clemson
Confidence: Low

Emar'rion Winston‍ ‍  Defensive End""

Finalists: Florida, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington

On the Mark: I’m confident that he won't be signing with Florida, but I can't say for certain that he will end up at Oregon with Washington and Nevada also in the mix. This is an instant where you wonder if the new staff hadn't spent so much of their early days focusing on the west coast, might they have had a more realistic shot at a prospect closer to home.

The Breakdown: Florida 0%
Final Forecast: Oregon
Confidence: Low

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