Ranking the remaining targets from least to most likely to sign with Florida

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Inside the Gators takes a closer look at the situation of all 19 of Florida’s remaining targets and ranks them in order of least to most likely to be part of the Gators signing class when it's all said and done.

Keep in mind, this is recruiting and nothing happens in a bubble. Florida gaining steam with one prospect could cause another to fall down the board, or the opposite could be true. Florida could fall down the board of a prospect, and thus another prospect rise up the Gators’ board.

Things change by the minute in recruiting. This is just a snapshot of where we feel things are at this moment.

21) Shemar Stewart‍ – After sending three coaches to his school last week to speak with his coach and mentor, but not Stewart himself, the Gators weren't able to secure an official visit – at least not yet. With a visit scheduled for Miami this weekend, all that would be left is a mid-week trip to Gainesville, but that seems unlikely.

20) Ahmad Moten – Florida has tried to make inroads with him, but despite the fact that his cousin Mike Moten played for the Gators, UF is on the outside looking in. His teammate Mason Thomas told me that they went to see Oklahoma this past weekend and will see Miami this weekend, all but shutting off all hope for UF.

19) @Michael Tr">Michael Trigg‍ – Florida has been in contact with him after he entered the portal, and he does have an existing relationship with UF coach Keary Colbert from the time the two spent at USC, but it doesn't feel like UF is a player at the moment and with the spring semester well underway, it's hard to see the Gators taking a transfer at this time.

18) Khamari Terrell‍ – As we reported on our Big Board last week, we've been told by our TexAgs guys that Clemson, Oregon, and Southern Cal are considered the front runners with Florida falling out of the picture.

17) Gentry Williams‍ – Yes, he is still committed to Oklahoma, but he told Inside the Gators that he is still considering Arkansas, Florida, and Jackson State. He visited the Sooners over this past weekend. We'll see if he makes it back to Gainesville this coming weekend.

  • Update: He has reaffirmed his commitment to Oklahoma and won’t visit

16) Emar'rion Winston‍ – I didn't get a chance to speak with him when he was leaving his Florida official visit, so to be honest, I don't have a feeling for where he stands. Florida, Nevada, and Washington are the finalists

15) TreVonte Citizen‍ – If it is back-and-forth as to whether you will even visit campus with 10 days remaining in the cycle, that is telling as to where the program stands on a prospect's list. Whether he comes in or not, Florida has a ton of ground to make up and at this time of the year, the most precious commodity is time and effort. Do you want to waste it on a kid if you don't feel like you are in at least a halfway decent position for him?

14) Kevonte Henry – He's committed to Michigan, but still considering Florida and Oklahoma. He visited the Sooners two weekends ago, played in the Polynesian Bowl this past weekend, and is scheduled to travel to Gainesville this coming weekend. It will be interesting to see if that still takes place.

  • Update: As is push pinned at the top of the WCC, Henry will visit UF this weekend
  • Update: He has posted on Twitter that he will visit Arizona instead

13) Danny Lewis‍ – I posted way back when he was still committed to Cincinnati that I figured that if LSU offered and pressed for his services, they would be the program to worry about. Since then, they have offered, as has Alabama. With Florida picking up Hayden Hansen and still being in the mix for flex Arlis Borardingham, we'll see if the Gators still press the issue here.

  • Update: ITG was told on Thursday that Lewis still plans on visiting UF this weekend

12) Jayson Jenkins‍ – He left town without an offer and will be officially visiting Tennessee this coming weekend. With Florida taking Andrew Savaiinaea – who is in the 260s, not the 230s as listed – I wouldn't expect Jenkins to be offered at this point.

11) Caden Story‍ – As we reported weeks ago, Florida was one of the first programs to be in contact with him when he entered the transfer portal, and now the Gators find themselves in the top three along with Auburn (where he is committed) and Clemson. CU is thought to be the leader, but the Gators will get their shot at him this weekend.

10) Jalen Farmer‍  – Despite being publicly committed to Florida, he hasn't been in our last several editions of our Mock Class. Two Sundays ago, he wouldn’t put a percentage on his pledge to Florida, and then officially visited Auburn this past weekend and is set to see Mississippi State this coming weekend. UF is certainly still in the picture, but the deal hasn’t been sealed yet. 

9) Jordan James‍ – Florida gets the final shot for this Georgia pledge when he officially visits this weekend. Oregon is also in the mix. Last night Texas running back Andrew Paul tweeted out an offer from the Bulldogs. Why would they extend that offer if they felt great about holding on to James? Perhaps the Ducks made a big impression on him?

8) Caleb Douglas‍ – After speaking with him two weekends ago as he was leaving Florida, I would have all but written him in as part of the class, and that may still be the case, but if you are the Gators you have to be concerned about the late offer from LSU. Not only is it closer to home, but new Tigers' wide-out coach Cortez Hankton is considered one of the top recruiters at the position in the south. On the other hand, Keary Colbert has a longstanding relationship with him that dates back to his time as a USC pledge.

7) Harold Perkins‍ – In reviewing this ranking I felt like I could move him up or move him down a couple of slots and would be perfectly justified in doing so. I asked him where he stood last week when he was leaving his Florida official visit and he danced around giving an answer. There was no doubt though that the Gators opened his eyes. He decomitted from Texas A&M today, but it wouldn't be shocking if he ended up back there. Then again, it wouldn't be surprising if he ended up at LSU or Florida either for that matter.

6) Miguel Mitchell‍ – Yes, everyone else on here – other than Farmer above – is an uncommitted target. I'm including Mitchell because I am not yet 100% sold that it is Florida and only Florida for him despite his commitment. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but in three different sets of questions, though he answered every other question, he skipped over whether or not he would still visit Tennessee. Then I asked him today what coaches are visiting, he told me Florida on Thursday, but then skipped over answering if any other coaches would be in. It may mean nothing at all, but he could have easily answered no, but didn't

5) DJ Allen‍ – Last week he told Inside the Gators that the only official visit he has is to Florida this coming weekend. It doesn't feel like he is getting the interest from programs that you would expect a four-star to be receiving at this time. Is there an issue? If UF applies the pressure this weekend, you would think that with his limited options, he would make the move.

4) Jacoby Mathews‍ – Other than him giving an outright commitment, it's hard to imagine there being a more positive ending to an official visit than what we heard from Mathews on Sunday. The Gators still have to sweat out an official visit to home state LSU this weekend, but it sounded a whole lot like UF is in the driver's seat here with the Tigers and Texas A&M slightly behind with 10 days to go.

3) Matthew McCoy‍ – This is down to Central Florida, Florida, and Miami with the Gators getting his final official visit this coming weekend. Looking at his offer list, he is a better prospect than his three-star ranking would suggest, and I wouldn't be surprised if he announced for Florida not long after his weekend visit concludes. If that doesn't happen, it’s likely because UF is comfortable with keeping at least four of the five offensive linemen currently committed.

2) Arlis Boardingham‍ – After officially visiting Florida two weekends ago, he sat out this past weekend and is scheduled to go to Oregon this coming weekend. Florida visited with him today and he immediately named a top two of the Gators and Ducks. Because UF has a full house at tight end, I would be skeptical of him being added to the class, but with Boardingham telling Inside the Gators that he is being looked at as more of a flex tight end, I can see him being added as a jack-of-all-trades type on offense.

1) Max Brown‍ – It wasn't by accident that he decommitted from Central Michigan after officially visiting and then receiving an offer from Florida on Sunday. Something should happen here sooner rather than later. The question is, with the addition of Brown and Jack Miller, which current quarterback won't be back for the 2022 season?

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