Getting to Know: Defensive Back Signee Devin Moore

Jan 9, 2022 | 0 comments

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“There are only three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and scared money don’t make money.”

Those were the words uttered by four-star defensive back Devin Moore on Early Signing Day as he committed to Florida over Notre Dame.

The decision was a major win for the Gators and Billy Napier who look to rebuild the 2022 Class. A class Moore will be a major piece in.

His skills on the field can be seen in the film, but there’s so much more to the man under the helmet and the pads. Let’s get to know the Naples, Florida, native in this edition of Getting to Know.


You were in an interesting spot where multiple schools you were considering were going through coaching changes. What was that like as a recruit?
“Yeah, it was really crazy. I mean the coaching industry it was real, like, volatile. You didn't know who was leaving, when they were leaving, or you could just wake up the next day and somebody could be gone. So yeah, it was definitely crazy. Cause you didn't know who was gonna be where, and you just kind of had to sit down and trust your instinct.”

Why did Florida end up being the final choice?
“I mean, I thought, and my family thought, they had a great combination of everything that I'm looking for on and off the field. Definitely in the proximity to the home. It definitely served a great purpose to me because for my family to have the opportunity to come to watch me play and come to all my games is something very important to me.”

Why is Florida the place any remaining prospect should choose?
“I mean, it's Florida. You in the south, it's beautiful weather. I mean the weather doesn't get much better in Florida and just Florida as a whole. It's an amazing state. You just get the best of everything in Florida. I mean, you get beaches, you get the weather and just the vibes in Florida are crazy and you don't get those vibes, nowhere else, even in the south.”

That had to be a bit of a concern with Notre Dame, right? It gets a little cold up there.
“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, the first time I went up there was very cold and kind of threw me off.”

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
“I always pray. Thank God for allowing me to have the opportunity to play football and things of that nature and even the opportunity just to live another day and say I'm here for another day. I talk to my coaches and teammates, hype them up, and everything. Tell 'em we about to get it.”

Is that what you’re going to do at the All-American game too?
“Oh yeah, for sure. I've been around these guys for only two days [this interview was conducted on Wednesday], but the bonds that we are creating off the field are definitely some special ones. So, you know, I'm trying to go out there with the boys, have fun and play football.”

You have a fellow Florida signee Chris McClellan out there with you. Do you plan on meeting up with him at all? Have you talked to him yet?
“Oh yeah, we’ve met up. The first day we were at the airport talking and we were just talking about how we can't wait to get to UF. Then Tuesday we ate dinner together, ate breakfast together. We ate breakfast this morning together. We were out last night just chilling, kicking in, in San Antonio.”

How’s the trip been?
“Just out here just trying to learn as much as I can, have fun and just have fun competing.”

What’s the mission in San Antonio? Any goals for the game?
“I mean the real mission is just to kinda go out to have fun and compete, it ain't much more complicated than that. Just top players in the nation here, you know, we all gonna go at it against each other and make plays that's about it.”

You mentioned you’re enrolling early, any idea who you’re rooming with?
I already know I'm room with uh Kamari [Wilson] and, Chris [McClellan], but I don't know who the fourth person is, but I know I'm rooming with those two for sure.

What do you look for in a good roommate?
“I mean they just, they just gotta be my brothers, you feel me? People I can trust. People I'm gonna go out there on the field. They gonna give me everything. I'm gonna give them everything. Just cool dudes that I can kick it with too. Those two guys are definitely dudes of that caliber and it's, it's fun being around them.”

Can you tell me about the workout plan UF sent out to the early signees?
“They sent us a good workout plan that we could do while waiting to get on campus. And I actually did a bunch of their workouts, did the conditioning, tried to just do everything I can to make the adjustment to college workout and conditioning as smooth and easy as possible.

I imagine you can’t do that right now with the All-American game, right?
“Oh yeah, I couldn't, because practice about like five to six hours a day. So you get really tired and there ain't much time to go out on your own.”




So tell us a little bit about you. What got you into football?
“So basically, I was at a football game with my parents watching one of my good friends play and it started raining. So then we had to rush the car and everything. So I was with my dad with all the stuff. And when I ran over and we got to the car, finally and he told me, he was like, ‘Boy, you real fast.’ So ever since then, my dad got me into football and, ever since then, I just kind of just been working at it.”

So a little rain is what helped to turn you into Florida’s next defensive back?
“For sure. Yes Sir.”

What players do you follow in the NFL?
”Definitely Jalen Ramsey, Derwin James, and C.J. Gardner-Johnson. Just the top-caliber players that I watch a lot and channel my game after.”

What's it like knowing that all those guys kind of have a Florida connection either going to Florida State, going to Florida and/or being from Florida?
“Yeah, it was really special. A lot of them are Florida dudes also. So just growing up, you kind of look and try and follow after them because they kind of stayed home, obviously play for the state. So yeah, it's really special to see guys do it before and just hope that you can follow after them.”

Who has been the biggest role model for you in your life?
“My biggest role model in life was definitely my parents [Chris Moore and Patricia Hoppa]. I mean they sacrificed a lot just to put me and my siblings in a situation where we were safe and successful. I mean just the little things. Just dropping me and all my siblings off at practices, showing up at every game possible that they can make, they never missed a game that they could make. Just the sacrifices and love they show. It's definitely something that drives me.”

You’re given the AUX cord for the locker room, what is the go-to song you’re playing?
“Probably Doughboy by G Herbo.”

What are three things on your bucket list? What do you want to accomplish in life?
“Just have a loving, successful family. I feel like that's a very important thing to get in life.”

“After that, just take care of everybody around me. Whether that's with football, without football, just be that guy that, helps everybody out, the kids look up to and help the kids out, help my family, help my friends out. Take care of all them.”

“And then the third would probably be just to have a successful career at Florida. Just go in there, do all I can to help Florida win games and just grow a great bond with all my teammates. That'll last forever.”

If you could have dinner with three people from any point in history, who would they be?
Muhammad Ali. I feel like he was, he was crazy intelligent.”

“Definitely Warren Buffett. I mean, I'm a big guy that likes to look at finance stuff. And that's what I plan the major in and everything. So, uh, just talking to one of the GOATs, would definitely be a great conversation.”

Martin Luther King just because of the courage and the bravery, he had to stand up during those times and create change. He created one of the biggest changes of the world and kind of shaped the world and helped the world in a lot of ways. So just talking to him, picking his brain and just developing the mindset he had in life.”

What meal are you having at this dinner?
“We definitely having a filet mignon. I had that for my first time last month, and I ain't really grow up eating steak like that. So I mean just eating that type of steak. Oh my gosh. It was delicious. You always gotta have the side dishes, like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with cheese and everything. You got to put some broccoli in there. You gotta have your greens. And, uh, broccoli is the best way to go. And then for dessert, we have to have something that involves cookies and cream or Oreos. I'm a big cookie and cream or Oreos guy.”

What are some of your interests beyond football? Any career goals once the playing days are over?
“Real estate. Most definitely. I like what they do as real estate agents and things like that. Just dressing up, going to houses and I'll bring my own swag to it with the fits and everything. I like to look at stocks and everything like that. I actually own a few right now, so that's something I want to, without football get more, give more time to. And then other than coaching, give all the knowledge that was given to me to the younger generation and help them as much as I can.”

What would be your first purchase if you got drafted by the NFL?
“Probably buy my parents’ a house and make sure they are straight. They sacrifice a lot for me to get in that position. So just give back to them.”

What is one item that you cannot live without it?
“Probably my phone. It may sound crazy, but it's definitely for the right reason. I'm not even talking like the social media aspect of it, but just like the internet. You get so much information from it. Like literally anything I can look up is on the internet. I like to gain as much wisdom and knowledge as I possibly can.”

If you a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
“Megan Fox.”

What are you doing on this date?
“We definitely going to a sunset. I went to a sunset date a couple of times. There's nothing better than it. Just a beautiful sun, you and nature. You feel free. You take in all the vibes.”

What is one thing about you that the Gator Nation would be surprised to find out about you?
“See, I don't go out of my way to talk to a lot of people. I really just like to stay independent and just chill with myself and chill with my close friends. I don't even have a lot of friends like that. So, you know, if you ever need me or anything like that, you ever wanna speak to me, just don't be scared or shy just cause the outside persona I just be kicking it really just chilling. So, and my ‘chilling’ can kind of come off as ‘oh, he doesn't want to be messed with or talk to,’ but nah, I'm not like that on the inside at all. So yeah, if you ever wanna talk to me, you need anything from me just hit me up and I'll be more than happy to help you or work with you.”

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